By Zelda Rogue

Summary: The diary of a twelve year old, showing her slow descent into true in insanity.

4/24/04 | Dear Diary,

I went to my friend's house today. Her mom was a bit scared of me, I think. Scared of my darkness. Like most people.

It was she, I, and another one of our friend that day. The three of us went across the street to the stream. We went down the stream (I was chasing ducks) until we finally reached the end. We started to head back when this dog attacked us. We ran and ran. My friend fell twice before I fell. I cut my hand on a rock. It bled.

The bleed spread throughout the water splashed across my hand. It looked beautiful. Not that I'd start cutting myself or turn suicidal/homicidal. Oh no, I know the conciseness.

When we got back to her house we asked a magic oracle (her magic 8 ball) some things. While they were talking, I asked it if I would end up in an asylum within the next few years.

It said 'yes'.