Life's Questioning

Is the void truly gone from her side?

Does a haunting sound ever subside?

When thunder rolls, does a cry go unheard?

Does he kill her with that puncturing word?

Does goodness always prevail?

What does happiness entail?

Who sees the fair beauty of a desolate rose?

What is a hanging shadow trying to impose?

Why does a fire's warmth give comfort in the dark?

Why does the love of money always start the spark?

Why does passion bring rain upon a cheek?

Why does her heart feel strong and yet, so weak?

What is the enchantment of the rising sun?

Why does he say he's ready when he has none?

Is there an end to the vastness of the water?

Will there be time when the moon decides to falter?

What's the wind trying to tell?

How deep is a wishing well?

What's the story in a long awaited cave?

What is it that she has lost from what she gave?

How high can a bird really fly?

How deep is the wound of a lie?

What words does life's book have to give me?

Remembered is what I long to be.