A/N: I will admit it here: I am a bisexual female. I was inspired by a Day of Silence ( .com) I participated in last Wednesday (4/21/2004) to write this. It was representative of the silence the GLBT community goes through everyday. And believe me, being silent is really hard in more ways than one.

End the Silence

I dream of happiness that to me is denied

To love those I love with all of myself

To be dear to them with all that I've felt

And all will see my heart on the outside.

I will not be judged if I choose a bride

Instead of the groom expected of me

I'll love who I love whether he or she

I just need the law to take up my side

And make up their minds and fin'lly decide

If the life I so long for to have now

Is worth it for them to my wishes bow

To bridge this big continental divide

Of people who have and people who want

Let us have rights so our love we can flaunt.