Across the sky spreads a single grey sheet

Bearing vivid colors of the rain

Water splatters onto barren concrete

Crystalline droplets of my pain

Unaware, I awoke one morning

Color blinded by your affection

Overlooked the red, flashing warning

Convinced this was love's final resurrection

Each moment we spent together, you led me on

A white, angelic figure, cloaked in black

Transformed this hideous duckling into a swan

The sincerity of ugliness I long to have back

Over obstacles our relationship continuously stumbled

Stranded in denial, all rationality remained in suppression

With each passing day, my will to live crumbled

Suffocating beneath tinted waves of endless depression

Shielding my emotions, the truth, I found, was hard to admit

Innocence was no more, replaced with deception and lies

Blind to sense, silently sinking deeper into the darkness of this pit

Incapable of shedding pearly tears, I tightly shut my eyes

Why must fate always insist on being so unfair?

Plaguing souls with solitude, struggling to rip us apart

Why do I constantly find myself gasping for air?

Drowning in this colorless rainbow of your heart