A Story About Pain And Love;

And How Just A Little Kindness Can Save Us All.

~ By Sakin-chan ~

Chapter 2 – Money-Hungry Lying Bastard

I arrived in Gardemoen Aiport at 5 am. I had flown from England to Norway for two hours, and my mom-unit had told my dad-unit that she would send the money via American Express. I wore dark clothes; a baggy marine anorak and gray pants. Not admittedly the most fashionable outfit in the world – but it was comfy. It also made no sound, so I could be ultra quiet.

I arrived at my dad-unit's quarters at 5.30 am, having taken the bullet-train and then a taxi to my old neighborhood. It felt so weird to be back again after so much time had passed by.

I broke into the building, and quietly ascended the stairs. I had brought my mom-unit's keys to the old apartment, and slid the door gently open. What I saw next was to be the sickest thing I would ever see or hear for the rest of my life.

My dad-unit was lying on top of a stranger, and they were making these noises like a sick animal. I felt my breakfast heaving up my throat as I watched him fuck the shit out of a woman while my mom-unit worried herself sick across the goddamn sea, thinking he was dead. Bastard! I couldn't control myself. I snuck in further, and saw a gun lying on the floor. I pulled my hood up, and grabbed the gun, releasing the safety to make a nice, loud, lethal click. I shot the wall behind them.

"Sick fucking freak!" I screamed, anger making me lose my mind.


He was scared shitless, I have to admit. And he was fucking naked. Again, I felt like puking; but I mustn't show any weakness. Not when I had the advantage.

"It isn't what it looks like!" he said, still very naked I must say. The woman scrambled up, looking ready to bolt, but I blasted the floor very close to her feet – I had actually aimed AT her feet, but missed – which persuaded her to stay and enjoy the party.

"How could you?! And take a fucking pillow, I don't wanna stare at your naked ass!"

The time for Daddying was over. My rage was fast reaching it's limit, and I couldn't stay calm any longer; my temper boiled, and I felt only maddening pain.

"I need the money, Deka, you don't understand!"

"What I understand is that you're a money-hungry lying motherfucking bastard, and that I should shoot your ass right here."

And I lost my mind.

I shot his leg.

"You WHAT?!"



I had come back, and was telling mom-unit how the lovely trip turned out. She had slapped me because I shot his leg.

"He deserved it, mom!" I shouted, outraged. "You don't understand! I walked in on him screwing another woman!"

"…I don't believe it. I won't believe it!" she was tearful, and I looked down at her, disgusted.

Well, if she WANTED to be blind, then so be it.

Far from me to try and change her mind.

She knows the truth. Why can she not admit it?!

"Fine. Whatever."

I storm out, tired of all the insanity.

"Well, well, well. Look who it isn't!"

"It's White-Haired Freak!"

I sigh. Where the hell did these two babboons appear out of?

"Just fuck the hell off, okay?"

"OOOH! We're cheerful today, aren't we!"

They were circling me. I had no idea how they found out where I was, but sitting in a swing in an abandoned park at 8 in the evening was not, I realized, a very good position to be in. Suddenly, I felt something yank me backwards, and then let me go, pitching me forward, and making the swing sail high up. I knew it was one of those lousy twins, and I shouted at them to fuck off and leave me the hell alone, and all the time, I kept on going higher and higher on the swing.

I was terrified, but swore on my grandma-unit's grave that I would never squeal or utter a word.

Suddenly one of the twins kicked the swing.

Everything became a terrifyingly fast swirl of colours, and I screamed, unable to help myself.

And then it stopped. I didn't notice, because my mind was still whirling around all over the place.

I felt hard earth under me, and a heavy weight was on top of me. I wondered what was going on, until I realized that the bastards were pulling my shirt up out of my pants!

"AAH! Get off me, you asshole!" I screamed, punchig him as hard as I could. The other one was struggling with my shoes, and I hit his eye, and by a stroke of fortune, too. But I still had one Twin on top of me, whose hands were very high up my shirt. To my disgust, I felt him rubbing my breasts, and screamed, this time panicking.

I was just one girl.

They were two.

They could do anything they wanted to me, anything at all.

(Shit!) I thought.


"Get away from her."

I looked up, and gasped in relief.


The twins got up, ready for a fight. I quickly stuffed my shirt safely back into my pants, and put my left shoe back on. Then I grabbed the chain of the swing to watch what Kotaro might try to pull.

They all circled each other, Kotaro, Benny Jay, and Tom Jay. Then they pounced, like synchronized tigers, at the same moment. What happened next was a total blur to me; Kotaro moved so fast, I couldn't see what he was doing. One moment he was in the air, the next he was backhanding Benny.

Suddenly, Tom's large body lurched backwards into me, and before I knew it, the chain I was holding twisted around my arm as I fell, and Benny saw and pushed me back further, twisting the chain even tighter around my arm. The swing flew up and over the metal pipe-thing, and I was suspended by my arm (that was being ripped to shreds), my toes several feet above the earth.

"AAAAAAAGH! KOTAROOOOOO! HEEEELP!" I screamed, the pain increasing second by second. Darkness swam at the edges of my vision, and blood flowed freely, making my shirt cling to my breasts, and coating my face.

I was in agonising pain… I could feel the skin on my arm tearing… the chain grating against bone…

I was grateful when I passed out.

"Hey… Deka…? Are you awake yet?"

"Where… where am I?"

"In Glenfield General Hospital!"

I looked around. So it seemed.

Everything was white and pristine, and I was lying in a comfy bed with Kotaro sitting next to me.

"What… happened?"

He smiled. "Well, after I got you down from the swing, I brought you to the doctor's."

I smiled back, grateful.

Something occurred to me.

"…How did you know where to find me, Kotaro?"

He became serious now.

"You called for help. And I came. That's all you need to know, Deka." I watched him get up, and come closer. He bent down over me, and put his hand just above my forehead.

"What are you doing?" I asked, suspicious.

He smiled down at me. It struck me how gentle he looked then… how kind.

"Don't worry about it. I'll take care of you. Just go to sleep, okay?"


His hand made contact, and he closed my eyes, and I felt a heavy sort of tiredness come over me.

"Ko…" I sighed, and let go, falling into a deep, deep sleep.

I woke up again hours later, refreshed, and my arm a lot better. I looked around for Kotaro… but the green-eyed boy had disappeared!

I felt ridiculously disappointed. And why should I? Conversation was impossible; he made riddles out of everything, even passing the ketchup in the diner oppsite the school - the cafeteria was notorious for getting kids unexplainably ill.

But he was beautiful to look at.

And nice to be with.

And kind…

And gentle…

And he had said he thought I wasn't too bad.

He did help me out, too; but only when asked.

I was very curious as to why.

I vowed to find it out.

A week later I was discarged from the hospital, all healed and rested up, and out for revenge.

"That is not a wise course, Deka. Are you sure you are willing to stoop to their level?" Kotaro said when I told him, but I was sure.

Nobody nearly rips off my arm and gets away with it! Nobody! Kotaro looked disappointed, but I shrugged away the feeling of guilt.

I had to get my revenge.

But how…?

Then it came to me. Monkey-man!

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaa!"

"Oh, sir, it was horrible!" I cried, employing my ever awesome acting-abilities;

"They were so mean, and…" I sniffed, and shook my hair. "I would be really grateful if you could… ah… teach them a LESSON, sir. Please."

"Well…" he scratched under his chin, pulling his ear at the same time.

"Or I'm going to have to talk to the Nurse about etiquettes in the workplace…" I raised my eyebrows to emphasize. Monkey-man's face clouded over, but he knew when he was beaten. After all, blackmail is a powerful thing.

The twins got 4-hour detention for two months after they were caught in a place where someone had recently graffitied the wall, and Monkey-man just slapped their cuffs on, so to speak.

But I was not content.

The revenge had not been enough.

I needed more.

"You have gone mad." Kotaro stated drily.

"No, I haven't."

"Please do not do this. I only see difficulty ahead if you continue down this path. Please, listen to me Deka!" He was getting angry. I patted his hand, and said "Don't worry, Kotaro. I can handle it. I'm a big girl!"

He sighed heavily then. I remember being a little afraid when he uttered his next words.

"You have been warned."