I write this in response to some of the reviews I've received. I appreciate all the reviews by the way, and it has helped me realize what I must do to clarify my work. And now I would like to explain myself to those of you whom I have not had the chance to speak with.

I do admit the gist of my letter-like post seemed rather naïve and ignorant, but I really am not. What I described is my ideal. That is the standard I try to follow and that I've set for myself. It is the standard by which, I believe, many people can make a difference in the world and forge new friendships and coalitions. I also know it's nearly impossible to execute, if not impossible, because of the nature of man. But, it does not mean that I cannot hold a small semblance of hope for the betterment of the world because at heart, it's truly what I want to happen.

For those of you I've spoken to, I also know that racism is not the only form of discrimination. It's just the one I've experienced personally to the greatest degree. It's the one that incited the composition of that past entry. I also know that racism is reciprocal. Some whites hate blacks. Some blacks hate whites. Some Asians hate whites. Some whites hate Asians. And there are many more types of this hatred. And many more types of discrimination: racial, as I've mentioned, religious, economic, political, geographic, you name it, it's been the object of discrimination. After all, we're only human.

But, I suppose the overall point of this response is to say, I'm an idealist at heart with realistic expectations. I know things won't change on a large scale, but if my words touch the hearts of a few, then I am happy.