A/N: literally, I just wrote as I was thinking. I thought it made an interesting take on "free verse" poetry. See if you can figure out which lines I took from which songs. (I'll give you a hint: the last line is from Sister Act II, not REM)

Stream of Consciousness with a Lyrical Twist

So everybody hurts

It's only natural

But the feelings are

just too strong to

ignore you are not me

why do things work

the way they

do? My mind goes

from one thought

straying from everything I wanted,

wanted to remember

I just write my

thoughts in a tiny

notebook—one page


a tiny notebook with

silhouettes of naked

women. Oh women.

They are beautiful

I wish I was.

I'm too nice sometimes.

Joe said I cart everyone

around, I deserve

five bucks, it's nothing

but I can't take

his money

I write slow

back to the negative

me in the spotlight

I can't keep track

of my thoughts

they just keep


I definitely didn't

leave my shoes out

is she that stupid?

she just tripped

song's over

more REM

Shiny happy people

I'm not very happy

Ugh…I just want

things to turn out


People throw your

love around

why do I feel jealous

of others' friendships?

I just get disappointed

by what I don't have

holding hands

take it

Oh great lyrics.

Almost done a

fourth page.


Sigh…I guess

I'm done.

Well, I should


And yet I urge myself

to write more

Do you think this is

poetry I write?

No one I can

talk to…well, I

can talk to him,

but again, not


I need someone to

love me. Maybe the

trip and the "dream"

were omens of

things that'll happen

Oh happy day.