A Note-

Something happened.
I don't know what,
but it must have been after
my impassioned ramblings
about you.
Things seem totally
distanced, and that often stirs
something in me. Sometimes
I want to equate it
to jealousy,
but it's more of a disappointment.
And then there's the fact that
I'm not at the center of
YOUR attention.
Maybe it all points to my need
to be in the center
of SOMEONE'S attention,
to be the one they look to
for anything
(and if they need it,

There was a time,
not too long ago,
that I had thought
I found this with you.
Now I'm not too sure about that,
I'm not sure
about anything.
I'm afraid
that I'm destined to be
the only one like me.
As someone once said,
there's only so much
friendship to go around.
I guess I got the gossamer strands
of that friendship.
I still love you, though.

Just remember that.