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Emma stormed out of the manor and collapsed on the front stoop in tears. Her whole body heaved as she sobbed. What right did he have finding something like that? "How could you!" She cried to the early morning sky. "How could you do that to me!"
Despite Amelia's warning, Victor came to her side wanting to comfort his new wife. "What's going on Emma? What was in the box?" He asked, wishing he could stop her tears. She didn't need another emotional weight.
Emma had rushed out so fast she still had the box containing the only item that could break away the dam she had built around her emotions and her heart. Nobody else had seen what was inside. The only thing that they did see was the back of Emma's head as she ran out of the room in hysterics. Victor had been the only one to follow her. He wanted to know what was in there that caused Emma so much pain and could reduce her to crying on the front step. He wanted to know why her father would buy something that would destroy his daughter.
Emma wiped away her tears and took the small sapphire ring from the box. She placed it carefully into Victor's hand as if it were a piece of fragile glass. "This."
Victor shrugged. "I was half expecting a picture mind. It's only a ring and a beautiful one at that." Victor flipped it around a few times in his hand and noticed a message that had been engraved into it. "'To my baby girl.' What's so bad about that?"
Emma took the ring from him and placed it back into the box. She wanted to be alone; she didn't need him there beside her constantly questioning every emotion. "Victor...why do you care?"
He was truly shocked. "Well maybe because I love you and I hate to see you so torn apart by somebody who you cared or maybe still care for. I mean come on, I just married you and already you are trying to hide things from me. I trust you with everything, please trust me?" Victor said in somewhat pleading tone, his eyes never leaving hers.
Emma growled and tightened her fist around the ring, making it bite painfully into her palm. She sighed and resigned herself to telling him. "I swear one of these days I will get you Victor and make you tell me something so emotionally devastating." She gave him a threatening glare before telling him about the story behind the ring and why it was painful to even see such a lovely thing. "My only called me 'baby girl' twice. The most recent was in the letter. The first time was when we were at some park. We were having so much fun together just me and him and he promised me that he would get me a ring just like this one when I got married to out do whatever boy I was to marry. I, of course, doubted him and tackled him. When the day in the park ended he hugged me and said that he would do anything for his baby girl, even if it meant going to the moon and back, he would do it.
"Now that I have this ring I don't know what to think of him. He kept his promise but he could never out do this ring I wear now. Sure he loved me and even got me this wonderful ring that I thought he forgot about but he beat the crap out of me Victor." She wiped more tears away and looked up into Victor's grey eyes. She thought she saw her father there for a second but whatever bit she saw quickly vanished. "It's as if he wants me to just forget about what he did to me."
Victor wrapped his arms around her and held her close. "I don't think he wants you to forget. I think he just wants you to remember the good times you two shared and, maybe, forgetting might actually be the best thing Emma." He said. "After all your uncle was a twisted son of a bitch."
Emma pulled herself away. "I don't know." Emma murmured and stood, stretching her large wings. "Even if I could somehow forgive and forget what he has done to me," She traced a finger down the scar about Victor's left eye, ".us, I won't be able to escape the nightmares. It might have been Nathan controlling him but it was my father who stabbed me, kicked me, and shot me!"
"Your father did to me what he did to you when I was barely five years old Emma, and not because of your uncle. He took my mother from me, my father from me, and my two sisters from me. I remember the look in his eyes when his cold grey eyes turned to me. That's when he turned me. He turned me so that I will live on remembering what he did to my family. When I saw him again at my meager place of living a year ago I thought he would kill me for falling for his daughter. When he let me off with a threat I realized he had changed.
"I let my past go, it took me 19 years but I have. Someday, you will too. Maybe not today, not tomorrow or the next but sometime when you are ready. You even admitted that it could've been Nathan using your father as a puppet." Victor said as she pulled her up with him and made one big wave with his hand pointing out the entire landscape, blood stains and everything. "Don't worry that now." He indicated the landscape again. "Worry about this, your people, and yourself," He smirked and kissed her nose, "and if you have time, me."
She smiled warmly and gripped his hand, the ring still held tightly in the other. "Why do you always have to be right?" She whispered, her eyes lowered to the cement.
"I'm not always right." Victor pointed out as he raised her chin. "I just tell it as I see it." He kissed her hand and released it. "I'm gonna go back inside and tell the others that you're all right. I want you to think about what I said. You have a lot of things that cause worry. Just deal with them a little at a time and you'll be all right. I promise." Victor said and kissed her lovingly.
"Ok." Emma returned the kiss and watched him leave. When the door shut behind Victor she found herself staring at her reflection on one of the large windows on the door. Finally she knew what she was. She wasn't a person destined for greatness as everyone had told her. She was only Emma, the same old girl but with wings, fangs, duty, and a loving husband whom she had just married. If the opportunity ever came up where Emma could change just one thing in her life she knew nothing would be her answer. All the pain she had suffered made her stronger than she had ever been or would've been without it and after the pain came her reward. She gained a love and a family united by a strange gene.
Victor was right. All this worry and pain had to be dealt with, but not all at once. It would take time to digest it all like the up coming battles and her father's letter and gift. It was either deal with it or let it eat away at her until there was nothing left. She turned to the early morning sky again as if she were meeting her father's pewter gaze. She watched the sun rise over the horizon. The new sun making her tears look like liquid crystals falling from her eyes. It was a new day and knowing that, a grin on her face, Emma stepped through the doorway. No doubt stress and aggravation awaited her on the other side along with another prophecy leading to more violence but, in a weird way sort of way, it was a good thing. It was good to know that in your future that your life wasn't going to be dull for even a second. It was a challenge to deal with yes, but it was well worth it for the rewards. Emma finely found piece in her reflection She finally found the blessing that had been bestowed on her. With her head held high she closed the door behind her, ready for whatever the new day would bring her.

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