Skeleton girl

Feel something other than nothing
As the world revolves around a tilted axis
And the wind whips against deadened limbs

I am fading- I feel it
I look in the mirror and see a skeletal figure
Hollowed bones and deadened eyes
Yet there's still flesh to be scraped away
Starved away

Mocking reflective glass you see me
Hungry to fit your frame
Yet there is no pity in the image you show me
No sympathy in the numbers I keep watching


I am falling from the sky
When will I grow my wings?
Like a butterfly Erupting from my dark prison
I'm not hungry- I'm living off of air
Dew drops and flower petals
But still I feel expanded

There's nothing left inside of me
I spilt it all into a porcelain bowl
Flushed it down and waked away
Shaking on my skeletal limbs

I loathe what I have become.