You Can't Stop Me
You can't stop me,
From being myself,
Even if I'm not really there,
Hidden under the mask.
You can't stop me,
From retreating inside myself.
The harder you tug,
The more I'll disappear.
You can't stop me,
From hiding from the world,
Maybe, if you give me time,
I'll take off my mask.
You can't stop me,
From keeping my head in the clouds,
Always dreaming
Never aware.
You can't stop me,
From holding one small power.
You can't take it away from me,
So long as I'm alive.
You can't stop me,
For I,
Small I,
Have the power to die.
Author's note: This was just a little 5-minute piece I did, nothing
exciting. I don't really like the way it flows, but I like the last stanza.
It's directed at my mum mostly. she's always trying to get me to be the
smart, down to earth, athletic, musical, polite, good-at-everything little
girl, but I can't do that. I'm a dreamer, and that's just me. *cough*
Enough of my blather ^_^;;