Held tight in my arms,

Closer to my heart,

My child is snuggled in his dreams for the moment,

A moment for him is an eternity of emotions,

Bound by an untrained tongue,

He cannot share what it is that plagues or pleases him,

He relies on the mothers' intuition

Which is imbedded within my very soul

I have to decipher his needs and wantings

I have to translate the coos and gurgles

Into a language in which I can comprehend

I have to know his cries

From the high pitched to the muffled scowl

From this secret language amongst mother and child

I provide for him what it is he wants, needs,

And sometimes what he doesn't but should have

I think in the process of doing so

I am beginning to understand the roots of love

The ideal of love at least

We dream up such concoctions that seem so out of reach

But when it comes down to it

are they really that far-fetched?

All we ever want is some to know us

To know what we want

Without of having to say

Someone to be there to help us

Support us

Comfort us to sleep at night

Hold us close regardless

Someone to love us

Are we all seeking a mothers love

This idyllic love

Which surpasses all else