A lover, a love, a big heart, bright smile, loving eyes, welcoming arms, likes to argue just for the fun of it, loves kids, loves life, must be passionate about something, preferably life itself, intelligence a requirement, humor a must, indecisiveness ok when it comes to seeing movies or where to eat for dinner, doesn't have to like cats but must be willing to try and like mine, creativeness a basic requirement extra bonus if it has anything to do with music, art, life, writing, love, must be willing to try new things and to introduce me to old things in which is endeared, must like water and beaches and want to eventually move close to one or both, must like barefoot walks in freshly cut grass, has to be able to make me feel like there is no one else in the world they'd rather do laundry with on a Saturday night, has to be able to appreciate me for the free spirited person I am, never try and leash me, never try and get me to eat "Mom's special liver" no matter how much it means to her, has to match their own socks and offer to match mine, has to love my family, and love them even more a couple of states away, or at least an hour or so, must never argue that chocolate, girls night out, and creativity is a basic necessity of life, has to watch at least one of the following every month or so with me and completely convince me of its enjoyment: pointless love story, sunrise, sunset, cloudy sky, starry night, windy days, me painting my nails, children playing at the zoo, the ceiling upside down, and flowers alongside the road, must be great in bed and willing to try new things, will for no reason at all bring me a different flower every week or so until my favorite is discovered, has to own at least 2 jazz records (cd's are acceptable too) will be content with the idea of me not being a domestic stay at home type of person, must also be able to cope with my inability to stay completely organized, find my keys every time and never putting my shoes where I wont trip over them the next day,

any additional qualities can be listed in a reply if you think you fit my description,