Forgiven but
Never Forgotten

*Dedicated to the Lady Anne Boleyn, who was executed by her husband, yet she still loved him in the end.

"To Jesus Christ
I commend my soul,
Lord Jesus receive my soul."
So says
The Lady Anne Boleyn
Queen of all England

Let her death be swift.
Her sufferings done.
They said she married
because of her love for Henry,
Or so, I have heard.
But listen…watch,
what has love brought her?
Naught but an unworthy husband;
A liar, a gambler,
a womanizer
spending many nights
in the arms of another.
T'is I who will send her to Heaven.
No longer will she suffer
from the pains and miseries,
the memories of awakened love,
and the betrayal
of a selfish King.

"To Jesus Christ
I commend my soul,
Lord Jesus receive my soul."
So she speaks,
her hands clasped.
The Queen of England's
final words.

The tower bell rings,
and I sink my sharp teeth
past her pale flesh
and separate
head from body,
mind from heart.
I hear her gasp
as my coldness embraces
the warmth of her skin.
I feel the shudder
of death within her
as I bathe myself
in the sweetness of her warmth
the richness and texture
of her flowing blood.
Her heartbeat,
already a slow rhythm.
Her heart,
not of revenge,
but of peace and forgiveness,
tells me:
"I still love him."

~ Mai Yia Khang

Notes/Comments :
I did this for my English assignment, yup yup, let me know what you think :)
And yes, I dedicate this to her, the Lady Anne Boleyn, when I first started to research, I didn't know who to research, and I found her, and started reading about her. Her life sounded interesting, and I was going to write about her maid, but when I read the part where she got executed because King Henry wanted to marry again and he couldn't divorce her since they didn't have divorce in those days unless there was good reason to, he found another reason, and so Anne was accused and was the first Queen of England that was executed in front of everyone.
If and when you do read this, I hope you guys understand why I wrote it, and yes, the last line was true, she still loved him, which gets me mad, because such a guy is unworthy of such love, but yeah yeah yeah, I understand, when you're in love, you're in love, right? I hope you guys enjoyed this poem as much as I enjoyed writing it, despite the fact that I wrote this when I was mad. :)