By Darkladyknight

Chapter One: Beginnings

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Archer Keaton sat in his office at the newly formed Center for the Research and Development of the Paranormal. His eyes scanning the brand new office again as his thought went over the last two months. He again wondered how he had managed to get roped into this. Why he thought this would be a better assignment then being stuck in DC. Right now his team consisted of three people, two who had chosen to be here, and one who was serving punishment by being here.

Hearing a knock on his door he called out for them to enter, he watched as a tall blond hair severe looking woman entered the room followed by a smaller person wrapped in a cloak. Scanning the small person he couldn't tell if it was male or female. His eyes returned to the woman as she approached his desk.

"Mr. Keaton," She said her voice high and hard. "Here is the file we have on Adir Shen."

"Thanks," Archer said taking the file to open it and scan it slightly. Setting it on his desk he turned back to the cloaked figure. "Welcome to the CRDP." Silence greeted his statement his eyes going back to the woman who was looking at the figure her lips pursed.

"He hasn't spoken since his fathers death," She said shrugging her shoulders.

"I see, are you sure he can speak?" Archer asked seeing the woman shrug again. Turning his attention to Adir he asked. "You can speak right Adir?"

He saw the cloaked head nod yes.

"Thank you for taking him," The woman said eyeing the cloak figure again. "He makes my staff nervous."

"I see," Archer said again as he stood to his full six foot three-inch height to tower over the two. He watched as the cloaked head titled back slightly to watch him as he walked around the desk.

"He wont take the cloak off either, and we don't know why." She replied watching as Archer approached the four foot eleven inch child.

"Is his stuff being delivered?" Archer asked glancing at the woman.

"He didn't come to me with anything, and has acquired noting in the three months he was with us," She replied watching Archers black eyes. "This is the first time he's been aloud out of his room."

"You kept him locked up?" Archer asked his eyes narrowing at her.

"Listen, he's pretty powerful." She said a shutter running through her. "We were trying to figure out exactly what he can do and what triggers it, we were safer when he stayed in the room."

"That still gives you no right to lock up a fifteen year old boy," Archer said.

"He's sixteen, and yes I did have the right," She hissed watching as Archer walked out of the room followed by Adir. With a muttered curse she followed after them hoping to be out of this faculty as soon as possible. They entered a large computer center area where three others were working. The looked up as the three of them entered.

"Everyone this is Adir Shen," Archer said watching as two of his teem members approached, while the third didn't even pause in what he was doing. "Adir this woman is Jacy Rhodes our doctor."

"Hello Adir," She said taking a step towards him only to have him take a step back. She stopped glancing up at Archer when she didn't get any type of reply from the child.

"Its ok," Archer said. "This is Casimir Norville, he's our research man."

"Hey," Casimir said seeing the boy nod.

"And that's Mercer Teford, he is our computers expert," Archer replied watching as the boy walked towards Mercer. It seemed that he was peering over Mercers shoulder at something on the computer screen.

"Hey," Mercer said glancing up, but even at the angle he couldn't see into the dark recesses of the hood.

"We should get that cloak off have a look hum?" Jacy asked moving towards him.

"No," The one spoken word was soft and raspy, yet seemed to carry the understanding that he wasn't to be touched or looked at.

"Ok," Jacy said holding her hands up.

"So why did we acquire Shen?" Mercer asked looking over at Archer.

"He's psychic," The woman who had brought him said. "He's an amazing specimen of powers we have yet to understand."

"Psychic's are a dime a dozen lady," Mercer replied not sounding impressed by it.

"And computer hackers aren't even worth a dime," The woman hissed surprising the group as her eyes widened and she covered her mouth with her hands. Her entire face flamed as he glared at the silent hooded boy. "Adir stop that."

"That's a neat trick, boy, can you make her spew green puke and her head spin?" Mercer asked seeing the woman flip him off.

"Adir," She hissed again hearing Mercer laugh. "Now you see why he makes my staff uncomfortable."

"You could have treated him like a person, and not an amazing specimen of psychic powers," Mercer said going back to his computer.

"Excuse me?" The woman asked.

"January 12th, we have moved into the next stage of the experiment for Adir Shen, the child had yet to speak, even when confronted with great body harm no emotions have showed on any of the reports." Mercer read from his computer. "Although when Dr. Terren tried to remove the cloak the child always wears Adir made the mans nose bleed."

"We never would have caused irreversible damage to him," She said hearing Mercer snort as he stood to glare at the woman.

"He's a human child, not an experiment, you're pathetic." Mercer said walking past her on his way from the room.

"Well with these attitudes he should fit in perfect here," she replied glaring at Archer.

"I guess if you don't like it doc maybe you shouldn't tread in our waters," Archer said seeing her eyes widen as she turned and stalked from the room.

"Come on Adir, I'll show you to your room." Archer said leading the boy from room. As they headed up the stairs towards the personal sleeping rooms of the team members he glanced down at the boy. The only word the boy had spoken had been no, unless you count what was said through the woman.

What was he going to do with an unstable child? He thought as he opened the door shooing the boy inside. He watched as Adir stopped in the middle of the room seemingly lost.

"You should be able to find everything you need," Archer said heading towards the door. "Mercer's room is right next to yours, ask him if you have any questions."

Mercer reached up to adjust his glasses again before turning his attention back to the laptop he was working on. He was bothered by what he had read, things they had done to the boy to make his powers manifest, which made his angry because nothing bothered him.

"Damn stupid boy," Mercer mumbled hitting the keys harder. Stopping suddenly he reached for the cigarettes beside the computer, pulling one out he stuck it into his mouth then light the end as he continued to stare at the computer screen. Leaning back his eyes strayed to the file lying on the desk. Archer had asked him to pull what he could on the boy.

Pushing away from the desk he stood and picked up the file. What he had learned made his insides cold, the things they had done to him. It was enough to make him feel something. Leaving the room he stopped suddenly when the object for his frustrations blocked his path.

"What are you doing boy?" Mercer asked the quiet cloaked figure that could have been a mannequin for all the movement it had. He didn't get a response not that he had expected one. "What are you hiding under that hood?"

Again he got nothing, yet he almost smiled as he could imagine the boy's huge wide eyes staring at him. He wondered what color they were. With a muttered cursed he snorted as he walked around the boy to head towards Archers office. Knocking on the doorjamb he entered the room as Archer looked up.

"You've seem to have acquired a pet," Archer said seeing the blank look that came to Mercers face before the man looked behind him muttering some pretty bad language when he saw what was standing behind him. Pulling the cigarette from his mouth Mercer glanced back at the boy once again.

"I don't have a pet, besides I don't like cats." Mercer said sticking the cigarette into his mouth once again.

"Well he seems to have taken a likening to you," Archer replied seeing Mercer shake his head, as a look of displeasure crossed his face.

"No way, no way in hell." Mercer said. "Hey I'm serving my time by pulling this shit for you, I will not baby-sit."

"Yes you will," Archer replied leaning back in his chair as he looked between the boy and Mercer.

"I don't think it would be wise Archer, really considering…" Mercer said grinning slightly as he watched Archer.

"Don't worry," Archer said. "Its bound to wear off in a matter of a week."

"Fine," Mercer said handing the file to Archer then turned to leave stopping briefly his eyes on the boy before walking around him to walk away. He glanced behind him every few feet to see the boy was still following him. "Are you hungry?"

Nothing. Not so much as a breath from the cloak boy. Muttering he walked back to the central area to drop down into a char. Reaching into the drawer he pulled something out then turned back to the boy.

"Come here," Mercer said leaning back in his chair and stretched his legs out in front of him; he kept his eyes on the boy. "Come on I don't bite hard."

Adir took a tentative step closer to the man as he held out the candy. He hadn't had candy since his mothers' death, he looked up at the man, this one didn't scream so loud in his head. There was something about this Mercer that drew him towards him, telling him he'd be safe. Taking another step closer Adir's attention returned to the candy in Mercer's hand. He moved forward until he was standing between the man's knees.

"Go ahead," Mercer said watching as Adir reached out slowly to take the candy between his thumb and forefinger.

"Thanks," Adir whisper was barely auditable as he opened the candy and popped it into his mouth.

"So why do you wear the cloak?" Mercer asked seeing the boy shrug. Mercer shifted slightly seeing the boy didn't move, leaning slightly he reached into the desk drawer and pulled three pieces of candy out. He held them up seeing the boy reach for them slowly. Once he had the three pieces of candy Adir back away moving from between the others legs.

Mercer watched as the boy perch on the edge of his desk next to the computer. Turning his attention back to his work he tuned the boy out, not that it was hard. Considering the boy was like an oversize paperweight.

"Hey you got that report done?" Casimir asked his eyes drifting to the perched boy.

"Yeah," mercer said handing him the file hardly breaking in what he was doing. Casimir watched them for a few seconds before turning to walk away shaking his head.

Mercer looked up at the boy perched on the edge of his desk, three weeks had gone by and still the boy followed him around like a cat. He was getting tired of the look by no touch attitude the boy had. He knew the cloak hadn't come off, and he was pretty sure the boy didn't bathe with it on. At least he had gotten a handful of words out of him, usually with candy as a reward. Yet something had happened, over the last four days the boy had fallen completely quiet, not even the candy had gotten anything out of him.

"Adir," Archer said seeing the cloaked head turned to him. Jumping down Adir set the bag of candy down onto the desktop and followed after Archer. Mercer watched them go before returning to his work, slightly curious about where Adir and Archer went off to, and to his disgust his growing attachment to his silent shadow.

"Man that is one freaky kid," Casimir said shaking his head. "I don't know how many times I've turned around and he's been standing behind me."

"Shut up," Mercer said.

"I guess you only worry if you look behind you and he's not there," Casimir said grinning at the man.

"He's a scared child, leave him alone, its not like he asked to be here like you did." Mercer replied glaring at him before going back to what he was doing. He was glad when Casimir just shook his head leaving the room. He was tired of the man's comments and glares at Shen.

Mercer didn't know how long he was in his trance when the slamming of a door pulled him from it. Shaking his head slightly he refocused on the computer screen. His hands slowed on the keys as he took a deep breath just before Archer entered the room to drop a file next to him computer.

"Where's the boy?" Mercer asked his voice slightly uneven.

"He went to his room," Archer said looking down. "You ok?"

"Fine," Mercer replied picking up the file. "How did you get this?"

"Adir," Archer said turning to walk away. Turning his attention back to the file Mercer felt his stomach lurch slightly. Ok that was a very nasty way to die. Feeding the information into the computer he started his search, figuring it wouldn't take him long to track this down. And he was right, once finished he took what he had learned to Archer.

"This is it," Mercer said dropping the paper on to the top of Archer's desk.

"Thanks," Archer said watching as the man snorted then turned to leave the room. Picking up what Mercer had found he felt guilt kick him in the gut. He wasn't sure if using Adir to gain the information was right or not. The first time the kid had disappeared for two days, and he could tell that Mercer was worried, having told him he couldn't get the boy to talk.

But the dicks funding this little research and development hoax told him he had to use the boy for something, and this seemed to be the only thing the kid could do so far. It was either fined some way Adir could contribute or let them cut the boy up to figure out how he ticked. God he hated his job, and the only person he liked on the whole fricken screwed up team was the one who didn't want to be here.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Casimir asked watching as Mercer glared at him from across the table. "What's wrong your kitty run away."

"Shut up you dick," Mercer hissed looking between him and Jacy as they looked at him like he had grown horns.

"Come on its only been a couple of days since he's been in his room," Jacy replied softly hating to admit but she too was worried about the boy.

"It's been three days, and almost a month since he's been here." Mercer replied. "You two don't even know what the boy voice sounds like."

"Well its not like you know all that well either, and you haven't seen him." Casimir replied shaking his head. "The kids a freak of nature Mercer, its best to let him lock himself away before someone else does."

"I hate to be the one to tell you this Casimir," Mercer said standing. "But we're all freaks of nature here, that's why we're here."

"Mercer," Jacy said watching as Mercer picked up the can of beer he had yet to open and an apple. Without a word he left the dinning area to head to Shen room. He was at least going to make the boy eat something. Knocking on the door he wasn't completely surprised when he didn't get an answer. Opening the door he scanned the room stopping when it looked exactly like it did when the boy had moved in.

"Hey boy?" Mercer said scanning the room again to stop on the partly opened door of the closet. Walking over he slid the sliding door open the rest of the way seeing one booted foot. Sitting down in the closet he sighed slightly holding the beer in one hand and the apple in the other. "You gotta be hungry."

Nothing, but then again what did he expect. He looked over seeing the light only went partway up the boy's cloaked legs. With a sigh he opened the beer and took a drink from it. He didn't know how to reach the boy, yet something told him Shen was in pain. He was quiet as he sat there knowing the boy must be wondering why he had chosen to invade his private place.

"You know were somewhat alike," Mercer started just to hear himself talk. "Neither of us really wanted to be here, but I had to listen to my father and here I am, my father was a dick."

"I killed mine," Adir whispered.

"Oh?" Mercer asked having read that Adir's father had died from a brain hemorrhage.

"I dreamed, dreamed of filling the man's head with pain, seeing his nose and ears start to bleed." Adir whispered and Mercer knew the boy was staring at him again wide eyed. "All I wanted was to make my own pain stop, so I dreamed of giving it to him, when I woke up he was dead."

"That doesn't mean you killed him," Mercer said loving the sound of the boy's soft voice. And the fact the boy had said more then one word at a time.

"Yeah I did," Adir replied softly.

"Oh," Mercer said tossing the apple towards the boy seeing him catch it. Finishing the beer Mercer set the can down and pulled a cigarette from his pocket to light it. They fell quiet again; the only sound was from Adir eating the apple.

Adir watched the man, not sure what to make of him. He had put up with his following him around, but Mercer had never approached him before. And he didn't know why he had told him about his father, the man he had stolen the life from because of what he was. Adir wanted to cry, want to release the pain he felt deep inside, yet knew he couldn't. Somewhere along the line his tears had frozen with the knowledge that he wouldn't ever be able to touch another living soul without the painful flashes of memories from them.

But then Mercer was the only person he could get close to without feeling the voices, the doubts and pains. He didn't want to but he didn't know how to control it. How to turn it off so he could be with a group of people without going nuts. His eyes slid over the side of Mercers face he could see, short brown hair, the deep hazel green eyes. He wanted to tell Mercer why he followed him around, but was afraid the man would laugh at him.

His eyes slid to Mercer's hand, wondering what the long slender fingers would feel like on his skin. Skin that hadn't seen the light of day in four years because his father had told him he was hideous. And of course he didn't want anyone to see the horrors of the bruises and scars. He jerked slightly when he saw Mercers hand move towards him hitting his head on the side of the closet wall.

"Christ boy," Mercer hissed eyeing the boy. He knew that kind of jerk had seen it several times. "I wont ever hit you, not in anger. I wont let anyone hit you without consequences."

"Adir?" Archer said from the doorway of the room.

"He's in here," Mercer said from the empty closet. Empty except for the two men sitting in it.

"Come on Adir I need your help," Archer said watching as Mercer stood and took a step from the closet followed by Adir.

"I'd like to come with," Mercer said not having been out of the faculty in four months.

"Sure, but you run and I'll shoot you." Archer said smiling as Mercer glared at him.

"And leave all this? I wouldn't dream of it boss." Mercer said dropping his beer can into the trashcan beside the door.

"Um hum," Archer replied leaving the room followed by the two. Going down to the garage he opened the back door to one of the trucks seeing Adir get into the truck. Shutting the door he nodded to the passenger set for Mercer who got in quietly. Getting in behind the wheel Archer was quiet as he started the truck and pulled it from the garage.

They pulled to a step in front of the coroners building as Mercer looked at Archer funny. "This is where you take him? To see dead people?"

Archer just grunted as he got out and opened the door letting the boy out. Archer headed towards the building followed by Adir and Mercer bringing up the rear. Mercer was unsure of why they were here, but from the reports he received after Archers and Adir's little trips he had an idea, and couldn't believe that Archer was actually letting him do it.

"Oh good you're here," A woman said as they entered the building.

"You said it was urgent," Archer replied. "I don't like him doing this unless it's paranormal."

"Once you see, I think you'll agree with me." She said leading the way into the room. Walking over to a table she pulled back a sheet reveling a mutilated body.

"Oh god that's gross," Mercer said looking at Adir as the boy started to approach the body. He watched as Adir lifted one graceful hand stopping as he seemly looked over the body. Using just his right forefinger Adir touched an undamaged part of the body's head. Mercer could see the boy jump, and after two seconds pulled his hand back.

"Here," Archer said holding out a notepad and pencil seeing the boy shake his head.

"Tall," Adir said. "Taller then Archer, black, covered in scars, eyes are white."

"Ok," Archer said as he wrote down what the boy said.

"Something," Adir twitched slightly. "He didn't use his hands, something…something. Ice he used ice to do this."

"Ice?" Mercer asked eyeing the body again. He watched as Adir swayed slightly wanting to reach out to the boy, but as he did Adir pulled away.

"Eyes are blue not white, cold blue like frozen water," Adir whispered twitching again as he sank to his knees. When Mercer went to help him again Archer stopped him.

"Leave him," Archer said softly meeting the man's angry hazel eyes. "He'll be ok in a sec."

"What the hell happened?" Mercer asked watching as the boy pulled himself back to his feet.

"He can see what killed them," Archer said softly.

"Oh that's great Archer, lets screw up the fifteen year old boy some more," Mercer said walking over to Adir. "Hey boy you ok?"

"I have a headache, maybe you could refrain from yelling?" Adir replied softly.

"Yeah sorry," Mercer replied lowering his voice.

"Come on," Archer said leading the way from the building and back to the car. Getting in they were quiet as they headed back to the CRDP building. Mercer glanced back at the boy seeing he had curled up on the backseat. Hearing a small whimper he glared as Archer. As soon as they returned Adir headed off to his room while Mercer followed Archer to his office. He slammed the door as he watched the bigger man walk over to his desk.

"How the hell could you have him doing something like that?" Mercer demanded watching as the man sat down in the chair behind the desk.

"I didn't have a choice." Archer sighed. "It was either this or have the government come take him to a research facility that would pretty much dissect him."

"Can't you just keep him here, give the boy a chance to grow up." Mercer asked seeing the man shake his head.

"I'm sorry Mercer, but they know everything, and they knew that he wasn't being used." Archer said. "Honestly I would have rather had the boy ran away, but he choose this." Archer replied seeing Mercer looked surprised.

"He knows?" Mercer asked. "Knows the government threatened to dissect him?"

"Of course, I told him he could stay here, run away, or take the chance with the government boys." Archer said grinning. "He chose you."

"Me?" Mercer asked dumbfounded.

"Yeah, seems he likes you and since he doesn't have any friends." Archer shrugged. "I'm really sorry Mercer, but give it time."

"Time for what? For that boy to go nuts?" Mercer asked shaking his head as he left the office. He walked slowly back towards the central area, his mind slowly going over the history of Shen. They hadn't gone back any further then when Shen had gone to the research facility, maybe he should try to see if he could find anything else on the boy.

Dropping down behind one of the computers he was quiet knowing the other two were watching him. They knew he had left with Archer and Shen and had also come back. Knew they wondered what had happened and what he had seen. Placing his hands over the keyboard he started his search starting with the death of Adir's father going back from that. Finding out that Adir had been placed in his fathers care when he was twelve.

"Mercer?" Jacy asked.

"I need to find out something," Mercer replied not breaking from what he was doing. His hands started to move faster on the keyboard while the information coming across the screen was almost to fast for the other two to read. Suddenly his hands stopped. It would seem that Adir Shen's mother was killed in a car accident three months before his was sent to live with his father. The car had been smashed so bad it took them three days to get the people out; funny Shen wasn't hurt at all.

"Hey did you see that?" Casimir asked pointing towards a smaller article.

"Twelve year old Adir Shen took the top place in the state for the boy's gymnastics teams earlier this week." Mercer read. "He showed grace and style that hasn't been seen since the Olympics. The child will surly become one of the worlds greatest men's gymnastics competitors."

Mercer clicked on a link it lead them to a video of the night the article talked about. The footage was grainy and far away, they were barely able to make out the figure on the floor let alone what he looks like. They watched as the boy on the screen moved with a feline grace never once losing his footing on any of the beams he moved over.

"Wow," Jacy said.

"Yeah but that was four years ago, the last time he competed." Mercer said. "And since then he's had both legs broken."

"How do you know that?" Casimir asked.

"I read it," Mercer replied looking at the man with a smile. "The kid was in and out of the emergency room during the four years he was with his father, doctor recommended counseling, but dad said it was from the gymnastic stuff."

"And what do you think?" Casimir asked seeing Mercer shrug as he returned to his work. He was going to track down that blue-eyed ice freak before he went to bed.

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