His thoughts of suicide
As they call him fag, queer, homo
He wants to let it all go
With that blade
He inscribes that line
So fine
Across his wrist
So brisk
He drags that blade
Causing his site to fade
To late now
It's like a POW
A punch in the face
But he's not the only case
All he wants
Are these taunts
That haunt
He's afraid to admit
What's being hit
He tries to hide
But he can't inside
It's tearing his life apart
He can't hide his feelings from his heart
He decides to come out
What he's all about
He came out about being gay
It took him that single day
To figure
That his life's pure
But they still say it to him
It's like a sour lime
To sour to taste
So he doesn't waste
He grabs that blade
So he can fade
Into the empty bliss
Where he can welcome that sweet kiss
That drags him to his death
By: Adam Gilbreath