(I really couldn't think of anything to write so I wrote down the first thing that came to mind. I remind you, I'm not good at describing color of hair, or clothes.)

Part 1 A New Place

"Cat, you better hurry or you'll be late for your first day at your new school,"Mrs. Decote yelled upstairs at Catherine. Mr and Mrs Decote had moved to the small quiet town of River Valley, with there daughter, Catherine.

"My name is Catherine. Why should you care if I'm late for school? You're not my mother!"

"Catherine..."Mrs. Decote sighed. She always gave up. She didn't know how to make Catherine happy.

17 year old Catherine ran downstairs. She was 5'10 in height. She had shoulder length chestnut hair. Her eyes a dark green. Mrs. Decote always said her eyes were mesmerizing. Catherine never believed it though. Nat always complimented her on pointless things. Nat is short for Natalie. It also describes the way Catherine thinks of Mrs. Natalie Decote, annoying, insignificant. She wore a black blouse and a dark blue half dress. Her skin was pale. She seemed like a ghost as she strolled down the stairs.

"Goodbye Catherine,"Mrs. Decote smiled. Natalie Decote was a woman in her late hair was almost complete gray but her natural red hair could still be seen. She wasn't very tall, 5' was a kind lady, always trying to get to know Catherine but always being pushed away.

Catherine mumbled a goodbye as she passed by. She grabbed the keys of her white mustang and left out the door.

"Another day in the life of Catherine Don Evens," She sighs as she looks at the scenery as it passes by. Storm clouds filled the sky,"Great, it's going to rain, on their anniversary,"


"Mamma!"A small girl runs toward a woman. The woman has chestnut hair like the girls but her eyes are a light shade of brown.

The woman smiles and picks up the small child,"What's wrong?"the girl buries her head in her mom's shoulder.

"I was so scawed mamma. You were gone and I had to stay with an old woman,"the child starred at her mom, blurry eyed.

"It's alright. It was just a dream. I'm not going anywhere,"she kissed the girl on the forehead,"I'm going to always be here,"


Catherine exited the Café. She held a cup in one hand and a copy of the local newspaper in the other .Catherine had stopped at the cafe on her way to school.

She lowered the newspaper."Nothing interesting. It's such a quiet, cozy, peaceful little town. That must be why Nat wanted to move here,"

"Don't like the paper?"Catherine quickly turned and starred into a pair of light brown eyes.


"I asked you if you didn't like the paper. You were complaining about it,"The guy smiled. He had dark hair along with his light brown eyes. He was only a few inches taller than Catherine. He had a friendly smile on his face. He wore a black T-Shirt and blue jeans,"I wrote an article in the papers,"

"Uh..well..,"She felt her face turning red. Strike one

"It's okay. It's not very interesting anyways. I'm James," He smiled again and held out his held.

"I'm Catherine," She shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you Catherine. Do you go to River Valley High?"Catherine nodded,"I'll see you there then. Maybe we can talk at lunch,"James strolled away. Catherine smiled. She had already made a friend.


"Where are we going?"A little girl sat in a car with her mother.

"You have to go to school. Don't be scared. You will make lots of friends,"

"I don't won't to go, I want to stay here with you,"The girl whined.


The bell rang signaling it was time for lunch.

Catherine sat outside under a tree eating a sandwich. Next to her also was a bag of cinnamon cookies. Catherine hates cinnamon but Nat never listened to her. She sighed and took a sip of her Dr. Pepper. She was reading a fear street book.

"Hello Catherine,"She looked up to see the same guy from earlier.

"Hello James. I didn't really think we would meet again. Normally people say things like that just to be friendly,"it was true. People have told Catherine they would see her again but they never talked to her .Normally people talk to her because they accidently bumped into each other.

James sat down next to Catherine,"So, you are new here?,"Catherine nodded,"Then you will need a tour guide,"He smiled at her.

"No thanks. I think I can manage,"She snapped at him.

"Sorry, didn't mean to offend you. I was being humorous,"Catherine felt her face turning read. Strike two.

"Well...uh...sorry,"She looked down at the bag of cinnamon cookies,"Do you like cinnamon cookies?"She held the bag up to James. He nodded and took a cookie."Finally, Nat's cookies come in handy,"she thought to herself.


"Scaredy Cat,"A stout, little boy mocked.

"Leave me alone. You're just a..a..a stupid bully,"A little girl yelled at the boy. She sat in the corner of the kindergarten classroom with a plate in front of her .It was snack time. The plate had cinnamon cookies and milk on it. The teacher had walked out of the room.

"Are you going to take from her, Tommy?"Another boy asked the stout boy.

"No, I'm not," Tommy walked over to the little girl and picked up her plate. He ate her cookies and poured the milk on the floor. All the kids ran back to their seats. The little girl still sat in the corner, crying. The teacher rushed in the see what was wrong and saw the mess next to the girl. When the teacher asked who did it every kid pointed to the girl. Apparently, Tommy was the boss of them and the others followed what he did.

(I know it's not very good but I had writer block and started another story)