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"So why did you really come to my house?"Catherine narrowed her eyes at James, a grin on her face.

"What do you mean? I brought your book back to you,"

"I didn't have any work to do in that subject. Also that book had been in my locker,"

"I just wanted to meet your foster parents,"

"Wait how-"


"Lets hurry to class before we're late,"James sped ahead of her.

"How did he know they were my foster parents,"


"Yes, thank you," a young woman hung up the phone. Tears had formed in her eyes but she forced them back.

"Where's momma? What happened to her," the small girl began to cry.

"Your mom is ok. She was in an accident but she's not hurt," the woman held back the tears.

"No, She's not. She's not coming back. She's gone!" the girl ran out of the room. Nolene sunk into the couch and let out the tears.


"James can I ask you a question?"It was lunch time. Once again James was with her. She had already given the cookies to him.

"Sure, ask anything,"He smiled again. That feeling of comfort went through her again.

"How did you know the Decotes were my foster parents,"

"Lucky guess,"He took another bite from a cookie,"Mrs. Decote makes a good cinnamon cookie, why don't you eat them?"

"I lost my liking for cinnamon cookies long ago,"

"Would it be wrong to ask why?"

"Yes!"She snapped. Catherine gathered her things and headed for class early.


The small girl sat in her room, the tears steadily falling. In her hands was a photograph of her mom. She looked up as she felt another person in the room. The girl turned her head and stared in the dark corner of her room. There, two light brown eyes stared at her.

"Catherine, why are you crying,"The man asked, his sounded so caring that she couldn't help but trust him.

"My momma's gone,"She tightened her grip on the picture.

"How do you know she is gone,"The man took a step closer but still stayed in the shadows.

"I saw it. I saw her...die," She clung to the picture. As if she hugged it hard enough her mom when be ok.

"How did you do that?"The man already knew the answer.


"Why did you leave?"James opened Catherine's car door for her. Time for all the students to head home for the day.

"You went to a sensitive subject,"Catherine started her car and left without waiting for him to say another word.

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