Pure Sin

She was tired of it all
In the school hall
Kids called her names
Ugly, fat, stupid
Everyone waiting for her to fall

Her parents
Were too busy to care or see
Oblivious to her silent plea
They worked long hours
Unaware of what would later be a tragedy

Her so-called "friends" were embarrassed to be seen
With someone so dirty, sick, "unclean"
They wore their halter-tops and low cut jeans
But she would never look like a queen
Who could know that she would take her last breath at age sixteen?

She was always obsessing over her weight
Counting every calorie that she ate
Always leaving half the food on her plate
Untouched and ignored
Thinking that starving herself was her fate

The magazines had pictures of thin girls
Straight blonde hair, blue eyes
Bust 36 C in size
Why couldn't she be like them?
Attractive to all the guys

Maybe that's why she did it
Why she felt the need
To cut
And make herself bleed
In a field of red roses, she the black weed

But was it her fault?
What had she done?
To deserve a lost battle that could have been won
She was honest, selfless, and pure
Because in the end

She was the beautiful one