A Look
The way I feel
Won't seem to heal
My heart wants you
But I don't know that you have a clue
I want to be true
To you
But I'm afraid
You've paid
The life to say
"I can't say"
And maybe one day
You'll be able to stay
You say you're confused
Which causes me the blues
I wish to bring
Us to cling
To each other
Part of one another
I want to grow
And glow
With happiness
And no sappiness
I want to be yours
And given tours
Of your body
Which makes you and I hardy
I'll give you a look
As if I had took
A hold
And haven't told
The life of you and I
It won't be said
Even as I die.
By: Adam Gilbreath
To you Jesse. I know I've written a few about you, but it's the truth on
how I feel. I just wish that sometimes, it was real. I like you a lot, and
well, I don't know that you realize that, but sooner or later you will,
hopefully sometime or another. Hugs and kisses.