I'm sorry that I hurt you
All the pain I put you through
If pain is what it is
I wish it wasn't his
I hope he doesn't hate me
For what I see
I told him my feelings
And it felt like killings
I found out partly
Half heartedly
The truth
Or our youth
All the things we did
I didn't bid
On my life
To cause you strife
I miss you so much
It hurts to touch
That stuff we said
In that bed
So many
Kind of rhymes
What does it mean?
I've decided to come clean
I want you
With just that one clue
I love you
I hope you love me too
I hope we have time to grow
So it will show
By: Adam Gilbreath
To you again Jesse. Man, I've been writing some stuff to you, but I'm sure
you haven't read it yet. I hope that you do read this sometime soon. Thanks
for life and love and happiness. You've given it to me, at times, yes, and
others no, but that's only because you weren't here. Thank you again!