Three hundred elven archers lay concealed behind the outlying forests and hills known as the Whispering Oaks region. A hundred more waited patiently behind the first front line, scattered strategically up and down the country side.
The war cries of the marching orcs left little doubt of their upcoming attack.
" This is just an advanced force," the elf general Heathir warned his fierce troops, and indeed lines of orcs were soon spotted over the hill and into the marshes,. They were marching quietly towards the northern front of the elven forces. Heathir's blue eyes glittered and stood out as a bright shimmer in the starless night, he kept his cloak tight about him, masking the full splendor of his golden and silvery elven armor. His blond hair was neatly stacked in a pony tail, thus preventing it from flowing freely in the dark of the night.
The orcs came on, head first into the elven trap. One by one the battalions marched into the dark forest, unaware of the danger lurking in the underbrush.
"Hold," the tense general muttered under his breath to his skilled troops. The seasoned elves were nervously holding their powerful bows back awaiting for their commanders orders.
More and more orcs marched into the forest, confident of their ability to remain unnoticed with the cover of the night. Little did they know that death was but an arrow away.
"On my call," Heathir muttered under his breath to the elf mage. Heathir weighed his time wisely if he was off but one second ,all of his troops might perish this night. "Now," came the generals hand signal. The mage besides him immediately began chanting and shortly thereafter a lighting bolt struck out to the heavens announcing the orcish forces doom.
The first volley was now unleashed, almost all of the arrows hit their mark. Orcs scrambled to the sides looking for the enemy, agonized screams were echoed throughout the whole forest. Heathir always the optimist aimed his great rune carved bow towards what seemed to be an orc leader. This specific orc was protected by a score of ogres standing around him, shields locked with one another. Taking careful aim, he let go of his string. The death bound arrow dove right into the amazed orc's throat and into the vulnerable back of one his ogre bodyguard. Suppressing his satisfied chuckle, Heathir knew they had but a few seconds before the orcs managed to reorganize and locate the source of their suffering.
"Again," the general signaled to the already chanting mage, and not a second passed before another lighting bolt soared into the sky, alerting the elvish troups of their retreat. All elves disappeared as swiftly as they had appeared before the orcs, except for one group which remained behind awaiting the right moment for an offensive strike. Among them stood Heathir, huddled up under the underbrush covered by leaves.
The remaining goblins and orcs finally came to an organized stop and fell once again into formation. By then the ground was already shaking by the colossal charge of the larger portion of the orcish army. They were coming in fast and faster still were the odds piling against the elves.
Heathir quickly instructed his little group to prepare for the charge. The general had given the main force more than enough time to fall into place on the second hill, yet he waited a few more minutes for the adrenaline to build up inside of him. The fire glowing in his blue orbs could not be dismissed by his troops. They knew their general well, they had served under him as soldiers and friends for years and all of them had seen that glow upon their leaders eyes more than once. This unmistakable reddish glow was the reason why all of them had volunteered to stay back with Heathir. Grins widened across all of their faces and without a doubt they knew what was to come.
The ogre closest to Heathir never managed to squeal a warning before the crystal red broad sword burrowed into the beasts abdomen in a slashing thrust. Heathir was now exposed to all the orcs in the area. Indeed he was exposed, and he was exposed in his greatest splendor. His golden and silvery armor shone in the dark night as a star and his red sword reflected tenfold the lust for battle that was in his blue eyes. A group of goblins quickly charged wildly towards the seven elves.
The first orc was quickly dispatched by a dagger throw that caught him in the heart, the powerful blow drove the orc staggering backwards right into the tip of an allied spear causing a domino effect which tripped the orc behind him and a portion of the charging group. The orc besides him paid no heed to the happenings and came spear first at Heathir.
"Move," came a desperate cry from a soldier to his general, but the seasoned elf knew better and swiftly side stepped to the right, slapping the spear away with his sword. Using the momentum of his sword to guide him, Heathir, made a full turn and kicked the orc's back which sent the wretch staggering forward, towards the curved scimitar of one of his faithful elf soldiers.
"Ha," came the ever confidant voice of Heathir with a loud chuckle and the battle was on.
The elves fought in harmony, dancing around the orcs, each strike completing each others thrusts. But even they, an elite elven force could not hold the hundreds of orcs and other fowl things coming at them from all sides. Heathir knew this and he also knew that their assault was to merely lead the orcs on to the next ridge. Piles and piles of orcs lay before them and more were being cut down each passing minute. Heathir allowed an extra few minutes of sparing and allowing the savage orcs to slowly drive him back. He nodded to his soldiers to do the same. The orcs now gaining in confidence and numbers pushed the already hard pressed elves further back.
"Retreat!" came Heathir's sudden cry
The elves turned to flee and ran quite slowly for the capacity of elves. The orcs believing their opponents weak made chase close behind. Quickly retreating through the forest, with goblins, orcs, and many ogres on their heels, the daring group carefully led the orcs to another would be grave .
Heathir could not suppress a wide smile as he swiftly ran through the forest. "Orcs" he mumbled. Yes, he thought, he had yet to find a race as stupid as the orcs in all of the realm.