Note: I really sucked at my summary so I'll try to do a little more explaining. Nine people from different times all were pulled back in the time of dragons, wizards, and magic by a dragon named Luna. Luna explains to these nine people that ONE of them is the key capable of unlocking a great and unknown power. An evil spider wizard Ethan is after this power and will stop at nothing until he finds it. The nine people must keep Ethan away from the power at all cost or else the world and universe alike will ALL be demolished. Therefore setting a journey between all nine people, who see one another as complete strangers. They must all learn to get along and work together as they fight there way through this unfamiliar land in search of the power before Ethan finds it. Also they must learn about one another on who is the key? So I guess this story is kind of a mystery to. A HUGE problem the people will have to face is that everyone is from different times and from different parts of the world. They must accept one another for who they are despite there cultural differences. Sounds interesting huh? Well if you don't like the sound of it and if you get angry when someone miss spells or has grammar issues then I suggest you turn back and leave NOW otherwise enjoy the story.

~*~*~*Nine feathers

Monica entered the cave shaking a bit. The dragon was no where to be seen. With an uneasy breath Monica stepped into the shadows. " ?" She called as she walked down the middle of the cave. "So you've come I see" A hollow voice broke out. Monica's eyes widened and her heart skipped a beat. "Y. " She squeaked feeling rather unsure of all of this. "Step forward Monica." Monica's knees shook. 'How does he know my name?' Monica swallowed hard. "Listen I. well you said you would tell me something if I."

"The mirror" the dragon's voice said simply. Monica raised a brow "a mirror?" "Come forth to the mirror." Monica looked around and finally spotted a tall mirror the seemed to have towered over her. Monica's eyes widened as the mirror shimmered its beauty at her. With one last in take of breath Monica walked slowly to the mirror. Its shiny color reflected against the cave's dim light filtering the room with a lavender type shadow. The strange part was Monica didn't see her reflection nor did she see anything inside the mirror except blue shimmer waves. "I'm at the mirror" Monica squeaked still trying to find her voice, the Dragon blew to the ground creating waves of warm winds. Monica tensed feeling the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. She watched as the mirror shifted colors turning from a light green to a dark hue. That's when a form of some sort started to take shape. The light dimmed into a dark heavy gray and the shadowy figure outlined itself into a man wearing a long gray robe holding a thin chain of some sort in his right hand.

Monica watched as the man held the chain up towards the sky. "Guardians of the west protect your land against this beast order him away from your territory!" Monica's eyes widened as she heard the man's loud rough voice from inside the mirror. She watched as things flew from the sky and out from trees. They all swarmed together creating a large circle. The orange scaly things were wearing dragon wings, purple eyes, and in a bat form all hissing and scratching into the thick gray clouds. A loud deep voice echoed through the wind. "Fool nothing can stop me!" A giant spider loomed out of the dark gray shadows. Monica cringed she hated spiders they always gave her the creeps. The bearded man wearing a long gray robe held the gold colored chain up. Connecting to the chain was a round medal cone. "This ora will defend the power it despises you! You shall never grasp it never!" The giant black hairy spider screeched up towards the sky. Juices dripped from its fangs, the long hairs on its back and down its legs suddenly snapped sharp and pointy, and the spiders temper raged.

The man, who looked to be a wizard yelled loud. Monica's eyes narrowed she wasn't sure what the wizard yelled because thunder erased the noise. The spider lunged forward squealing angrily. The cone flickered silver light, the light continued to flicker on and off until the spider got close enough then, the light burst into one single color shining a powerful silver glow. The glow even made Monica wince. She heard the sound of the spider scream through the loud thunder as the glowing light shot out from the object and struck the spider beast. The wizard watched as the spider backed away screaming. "Be gone Ethan!" The wizard screamed while holding the cone up again, the same light shot out striking the spider Ethan. Ethan wobbled around on unsteady legs crying out as it tripped over itself.

The Guardians that the wizard called upon struck down on Ethan ripping at him to make his matters worse. The spider fell to the ground leaving an earthquake behind. The spider even with closed eyes still spoke wearily. "Don't think this is over Zingrahon, oh no this has only begun." With that stated the spider spat out a liquid at the wizard nailing him in the face. The wizard jerked his head away with a scream as the spit acid burned onto his face.

Monica turned her head away staring down at the cave. Too much was seen too much pain and to many events. 'This isn't happening; this isn't happening I'm. I'm dreaming.' Monica fell on her knees before flopping over on her back.


Monica opened her eyes to see the mirror gone but she was still inside a cave. She growled angrily as she pushed herself up on her hands. She knew the dragon was still here but didn't want to believe it. Taking steady breaths Monica finally pushed herself to her feet. The dragon's ragged breathing hummed against the stone walls indicating that he was still here. Monica walked over to where the mirror was again and stood there. "So the spider thing was. killed?" Monica tensed waiting for the response. "No Ethan almost died but not completely. That wizard you saw is named Zingrahon who has protected this power for many thousands of years. He, at his last breath of air, casted his final spell thus creating me." The dragon stopped for awhile seeing that Monica was relaxing just a little bit but was still very tense. The dragon continued "My name is Luna, he has brought me forth requesting me to draw forth the nine warriors on which only ONE of them withholds the ability to unlock this great power."

Monica swayed a little shifting her weight around from one leg to the other. "So. I'm a warrior and so are those people out there?"

"Yes" Luna breathed. Monica swallowed; her stomach and head alike were spinning then. "Ha, ha, ha, ha" Monica laughed hard her face turning slightly red. ".Ok so here I am talking to a dragon and." Monica burst out in laughter holding onto her gut as she leaned over laughing. Luna frowned angry at the fact she wasn't taking this seriously. "Enough" he snapped. But Monica didn't stop "I'm crazy that's all I'm probably in some mental place talking to myself. no I got drunk somewhere and I can't wake up." Monica walked around in circles on wobbly legs and talking to herself in a high pitched drunken like voice. ".I did an olly off the ramp and cracked, I'm in a coma!" Luna, hearing enough of this, raised his massive hand and struck the ground giving off a shake. Monica felt the shake falling backwards in response. "This is not a dream nor is it affecting your mind. You must except this Monica." Monica didn't say anything she simply stared at the dragon's form for a while.

She bowed her head down allow tears to stream away. "But. this can't" she whispered as she hung her head. Luna sighed he knew that they would be in shock when they arrived but he hadn't guess that it would take this long. Whether they liked it or not they had to press on. "Excuse me. hello dragon?" A little voice called from the entrance of the cave. Monica looked up to see a little girl wearing a long white dress with leaf like things weaving through her hair stepped up. Monica watched as the seemingly pretty girl skipped fearlessly across the cave floor approaching the dragon. "Dragon. my brother is frightened he doesn't like you and wants you to leave." Luna laughed a little "Cornelia right?" The little girl nodded. Luna smiled baring his sharp fangs. He always had this soft spot for children. "You truly love your brother don't you? You being so kind as to wave me away" The little girl smiled taking another step to get closer. "I'm not afraid but he is. I was at first but you seem generous."

Luna chuckled a little bit. "You do not fear me child?" The little girl smiled folding her hands neatly in front of her. "Not at all I heard the legends of flying lizards I here they grant wishes." The girl gave the word 'wishes' an exciting hop. "Oh" Luna drew out as he watched an empowering light flicker within the child. "Cornelia get away from him!" A voice shouted from the entrance where the girl came from. Monica, still seated on the ground, turned her head so she was looking in the direction where the voice was coming from. The girl Cornelia looked over at her brother showing him her said blue eyes. "But. he won't harm us he's gentle Cornelius." Cornelius took a step forward inside the cave but quickly withdrew to afraid to enter. Monica let out a sigh hating herself for this hating the world for this and still not convinced that this wasn't a dream.

"Luna is it?" She asked as she walked up beside Cornelia. The dragon didn't say anything it simply breathed out warm deep breaths. ".Well Luna you said that you would tell me or us what that empty feeling is and well. I want to know." The dragon heaved in breaths before speaking. "I cannot repeat myself you must wait until the other warriors approach." Monica frowned "Fuck this I'm leaving I can't believe I was falling for this shit!" Monica turned and jogged out of the cave through the waterfall. "Damn fucking dragon!"

Monica walked angrily down the trail before stopping when she spotted all the other people. A tall man wearing a heavy long sleeved black shirt, brown knee high boots, and tight pants stood leaning against a tree with a piece of straw stuck in his mouth. He had leather like armor tied around him making it look like he had a short skirt on. Monica marched up to him startling his horse as she did. "You why the hell aren't you entering the cave?!" The man looked down at Monica and smirked "why did YOU enter the cave anyways?" Monica folded her arms. "Listen I don't believe this as much as you but you're here and your going to have to deal with this!" The man stared at her for a short while then looked away. Monica turned so she was facing a red head sitting below a tree. The pilgrim looking boy holding his musket looking thing in his hands, a ninja looking girl sitting up in a tree, a Pakistan or Iraq or India girl sat on the other side of the creek, and then that preppie looking blond sitting on a boulder.

"Look at yourselves just sitting here. You know you want to go in because if you didn't you would have been long gone by now. Just give it a shot because I'm not entering without you guys." Everyone looked away no body moved. Monica frowned 'I can't believe I even bothered.' She turned slumping her way to a sitting spot near the cave. That's when she heard the sound of footsteps, while turning around Monica saw that both the ninja and India girl were following. Monica smiled at them as she climbed the path that lead to the cave. As they neared the entrance Monica turned to see the pilgrim, prep girl, warrior guy with the horse, and the red head were all following. Monica entered the cave with everyone. Some hesitated before entering inside. The first thing that met Monica's eye was the little girl talking and jumping, spinning, laughing she acted like nothing was out of the ordinary.

"Awe I see all has come." The pilgrim boy flinched turning to run out but was caught by the warrior guy Anthony. Monica smiled "So you going to tell us or what?" Luna took a step forward so the dragons profile was in view. "All have come under the orders of Zingrahon, my master, Long ago he fought against an evil force." Monica watched as the mirror appeared out of no where and was showing everything Monica already witnessed. ".This evil force was called Ethan." Luna looked down at the mirror watching as the spider leapt in pain as the light from the cone struck him. ".Ethan never fully died as Zingrahon did. He lives and is in desperate search of a power that is capable of destroying your world and this world. He wishes to dominate and destroy everything with the power including the very universe itself." Monica watched as everyone seemed to have tensed a bit. ".Zingrahon at his last bit of strength created me demanding me to bring forth the nine warriors which only one of them holds the KEY."

"The key?" The red headed asked ".I've never heard of that" Luna turned towards the mirror. "The key is a power that unlocks a bigger force than known other one of you withholds this key." Monica looked down at her hands as did many other and some took a step back. The prep girl hugged herself a little before speaking "what must we do?" "You must find the power before Ethan does and you must not let Ethan get a hold of the key for he to know that it takes a key to get this power."

Monica would have laughed at this nonsense but for some reason couldn't help but believe every word the dragon was saying. ".All must travel together to look for this power first." Anthony laughed a little bit "What does this power look like?" Luna growled at the man "I really don't like you Anthony, I don't know what the power looks like all I do know that my master left me a riddle that will help you." Monica closed her eyes with a whine "I hate riddles" Luna sighed "You'll have to learn to accept this and learn to understand its message,"

Beneath the blanket of fire

Across the crystal drop

Swimming in his domain

He wakes during night but sleeps during the day

Monica and the others stared blankly. "That's not a riddle!" Luna growled a bit "It is a riddle take it in consideration." Monica curled her fist "THAT'S NOT A RIDDLE!" Matt stood walking up beside Monica. "Riddles are small phrases that hold little messages I'll be able to figure it out so don't worry about trying to force yourself to think." Monica frowned turning to face the dragon and the rest of the people. "What happens now?"

Luna heaved deep raspy breaths. "All must leave immediately." Monica froze she couldn't believe he was saying this so simply. Anthony laughed a little "So we're off to solve a childish 'riddle' for the sake of our lives?" Anthony laughed shaking his head in disbelief. "And for the sake of your PEOPLE!" Luna shouted yearning a startling jump from Anthony. Cornelia stepped shyly away from her brother. "I'll go" she said no louder than a whisper. Cornelius reached over grabbing Cornelia's hand gently "me too for the protection of my sister." The pilgrim boy pulled off his hat respectfully "well I see no point in staying." He gestured up to Luna.

Ilsa folded her arms still refusing to move, Anthony simply laughed. "I'll go even if I'll be waking up in a while anyways." Monica looked around before stepping up with a long ragged sigh. "I'll leave as well I guess" she mumbled. Ilsa walked up beside Monica "this girl looks to be the only civilized person about here. I'll go as well." The red-head smiled "Me too" And me the ninja's voice echoed through the cave. It wasn't long before everyone pretty much agreed that is everyone except Anushree still huddled over at the far side of the cave. Ikkakujyuu couldn't help but feel pity for her. She walked up until she was standing in front of her. "Come with us you don't want to be alone here do you?" Anushree looked away trying to hide herself in her burqas. Ikkakujyuu gave Anushree an encouraging smile "It's alright we're all afraid."
All watched and waited as Anushree finally placed a hand in Ikkakujyuu's. Luna couldn't help but chuckle. "I can see your inner voices are awakening." Ilsa made a face "inner voices?" Luna stepped a little further out of the shadows. "You all are deciding to accept this because you are encourage by your own selves." Monica shook her head slightly. 'This dragon thing doesn't make sense.'

Luna pushed its massive scaly hand forward and stopped. All watched as a glowing yellow light flickered from beneath the creatures clawed hand. Luna pulled away revealing nine feathers all in thick bold colors. Blue, purple, green, red, orange, yellow, brown, pink and black, Luna's next words were soft and quite. It sounded as if his voice was disappearing. "Take one of the nine feathers and keep it with you. A gift from Zingrahon." Matt was the first to step up to where Luna's hands were. He bent over picking up the green feather. He turned the feather clockwise steadying its features. Anushree did the same picking up the orange feather. Ikkakujyuu took the blue, Ilsa the pink, Cornelius the brown, Cornelia the yellow, Anthony the purple, Joey the red, and Monica the black. Monica stared that the feather for awhile curious as to why they needed to keep these feathers with them.

Luna had already disappeared so without another word Anthony climbed to his horse giving it a slight nudge. The horse walked steadily away off the rocks, down the bank, and headed across the field where he was rudely dropped from. Monica wasn't sure why they were heading the way he had chosen but didn't really care she was too far in thought as they crossed the grassy plains. All nine of the people treated one another like strangers trying not to get too close to one another. Cornelia skipped around like nothing was wrong, her brother trying to keep her close. The arrangement on how everyone walked was a lot different but little did they know they had a journey ahead of them. One of those unpredictable journeys, Monica pulled out her feather looking over its features once more. 'What's so important about these feathers? Why do we need to keep them with us? And why is it I felt that I HAD to have the black feather?'


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