Ashes of the Phoenix:

Requiem of the Phoenix

Chapter One: Fading From Safety
A young man was riding a copper stallion to the great city of Osidon, the capital of Zia. How great it was in the old days, he young man muttered, and to think that we had help from the Wolvs. His thoughts were broken by the sudden cry of distant thunder, followed by the crash of the icy rain.
" Captain Charlmont," a solider with black hair called through the claps of thunder. " We have almost reached the castle. Should the scouts go ahead?"
"No," the captain answered, from deep thought, " leave me and wait for my return." With that said, Charlmont rode briskly towards the ever- looming Castle. The gates opened as he approached them, ever slightly annoyed the guards could have shot him. Funny, Charlmont thought, it seemed like I've been expected. The copper stallion stopped in front of the doors to the great hall. There, standing in front of the mighty Oaken Doors was a serious, plump, man, looking directly at Charlmont. The captain dismounted the stallion. The man approached with arms and spoke gaily, " My, my, my. The great war hero has returned." Slightly annoyed Charlmont replied," What on Zia are you talking about?" Looking closely, Charlmont realized that the man was the king. " My lord," he said as he began to kneel, " please forgive my rudeness."
" For what my boy," the king stated slightly surprised. " So Char has forgotten his own uncle's looks?" Blushing from head to toe, the captain got up, " Um. yeah, sorry Uncle Herold, um. yeah."
" Come," the king turns and begins to walk away towards the great hall doors. " We have business to discuss, and besides," the old man smiled, " you are soaked to the bone."
" I am? Wait.!" *+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*
Silently a silver figure walks through the undergrowth of the Black Forest. Its gray eyes reflected the moonlight from above. The figure stops and looks at a fallen figure in the distant clearing. Suddenly, the creature let a howl roll from its tongue.
" Arwin," the shadows lifted to reveal a silver wolv, " I have found the trespasser in the clearing."
" Akotor," a voice came from behind the silver wolf, " did you kill it?"
" No," Akotor looked towards the voice, a forest green cloaked figure appeared from the trees. " I found it just lying there." The wolv's eyes peered into the figures darkened face, " Shall I?"
"No," Arwin answered, taking off her hood to reveal her golden hair and emerald eyes, " let me deal with the trespasser." Arwin walked towards the fallen figure. She then gently turned the figure over to reveal a maiden with auburn hair. Arwin grabbed her flask and dribbled water into the maiden's mouth. Slowly the maiden opened her eyes and gazed upon the silver wolv standing over her in curiosity.
"EEK!" The maiden's screech caused the wolv to retreat behind the kneeling Arwin. " Keep me away from that, that, that, thing!"
Peeking out from behind Arwin, Akotor muttered, " When can I kill her.?"
Arwin countered this remark quickly, " Young maiden," she started very softly, "what is your name?" The maiden was still staring at the wolf, but nodded in acknowledgement to Arwin's question.
"I am Eloin Renegade," the maiden said rather briskly, "Who and what are you doing in the Black Forest?"
"Lady, calm down," Akotor said, and walked out to reveal a four foot tall silver wolf like animal, " I was just about to ask you the same question." Arwin shook her head and smiled, "I am Arwin Zoztor," pointing to herself, "and my partner Akotor of the Wolvs." Taking a breath Arwin began to explain the situation, " We travel the land for no particular reason. Akotor is searching for the heir to the royal thrown, and I just come along for the scenery."
Eloin stated rather sharply, " Well, I was traveling to the city of Goala, but I was being chased by the royal cavalry and charged with impersonating the late princess of Zia. And that's why I'm here." An owl hooted in the distance, " Wait!" She cried as Arwin and Akotor were about to leave, " I'm not staying here all by myself. I'm coming with you!"
Akotor rolled his eyes and growled to Arwin, " Why couldn't you have let me kill her?" Arwin just smiled and placed her forest green hood back on and continued to walk along a forgotten path in the Black Forest. Akotor followed closed behind, leaving the newly acquired burden in last.
" It takes about a week to get to Goala from here," Arwin said as she stopped by a nearby stream and placed her hip flask in the running water. Akotor looked around behind him to see Eloin struggling to keep up with them. " Take a rest, Eloin," Arwin said softly as she leaned her back against the stream bank, her golden hair was tinted silver in the moonlight. Eloin came up all dirty and extremely upset, but when she saw Arwin lying on the bank she grew quiet and decided to join her.
Just as soon as she made her way to sit, Akotor barred his teeth and motioned to hurt her. Tired and already upset from the small ten-mile hike, Eloin glared, sat down and threw a small rock at Akotor. He leaped up and growled loudly, " What was that for you stupid whelp!"
Eloin smiled lightly and replied coolly, " Better a whelp than a stupid mongrel." Soon the two were in a fist full of name and stick throwing.
Arwin woke up to find herself covered in broken sticks and small rocks. She sat up, dispersing the unwanted weight on to the sunlit grass beside her, and looked to see Eloin and Akotor curled up together on the opposite side of the stream. The wolv stood up slowly and stretched his massive body, letting Eloin's head hit the ground waking her up rather rudely. She smiled at this and noticed that instead of trying to kill him, Eloin let it slide.
Soon Arwin stood up and looked around her for her bow, quiver and her two expertly designed hand daggers. She forded the stream and made her way to the trail that was still barely visible, but more so than at night. Soon Eloin and Akotor followed, leaving their camping spot behind them. Akotor paused to look back, causing Eloin to fall on top of his back, which caused the pair to fall four feet to the earth below. Arwin turned at the commotion and laughed lightly, " Do we need another rest stop, or do you two want some alone time.?"
Akotor stood up and shook Eloin from his back, sending her to the ground again. "She ran into me."he grumbled and waited for her to pass him. He then looked down the stream's path to see the Castle in Osidon, a reminder of the lost past of glory of his kind. Sadly he followed Eloin and Arwin along the path to Goala.