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Ashes of the Phoenix

Requiem of the Phoenix

Chapter Four: ( Congradulations Clori and Capric! You two have won my Chapter title contest! ) Broken Bone Revenge!

(Setting: The Castle Osidon's Thrown room)

" Your Highness," A small page came running through the white and yellow marbled thrown room towards an eating man on the thrown room, " We have received news of your nephew's arrival."

" Charlmont is here?" The king spoke slowly, wiping his several chins with the silk napkin, " But the wasn't supposed to be home for another two months."

The page move warily closer to the huge king, " Sir," he moved whispered in the king's ear, " we also have heard news that he found, and has with him, the princess and an old wolv."

" Tell me when they arrive," the king stood up, his fat rippled as he took a few steps to the punch bowl, " Oh, and if Charlmont ask you-know- what, tell him yes" The king waddled to the double doors at the bottom of the stairs and watched the page leave.

Shaking his chubby face, the king made his way to the doors behind the thrown. Just as he was about to leave, the main doors flew open, sending a strong wind to ruffle the many tapestries hanging from the ceiling. Startled the king jumped, spilling his punch on himself and onto the marble floor in front of himself.

" Uncle Harold!" A man marching in, his cloak flew behind him as he closed the gap between the main door and the shocked king.

The shaken king looked behind the approaching man to see a maiden with long hair riding on some sort of animal. As the maiden got closer he saw the animal was a Wolv with a silver coat. The wolv and the maiden looked around the room in disgust as they made their way to the end. " Akotor," the king heard the maiden say, " Is that the king? I thought he was an Adviser to him."

Akotor chuckled and trotted over behind the man in the cape, " He was. Lord Herold was the one that banned the Wolvs from the Castle under King Osidon's reign." Eloin made a small reply of acknowledgment. She stood up and Walked next to Char. Akotor stood behind them bearing his teeth and growling deeply.

" Ah," King Herold said finally as he got a grip on the situation, " Char my boy you have out done yourself this time." The usurper looked towards Char, " I believe you want a reward?" Char nodded, stolid faced, " Very well. But you already have been rewarded by being the only living relative of mine," Char started to choke on laughter. Herold's eyebrow moved closer to his thinning hairline, " You are the Prince of Zia now." Char started to push Eloin towards the door, ignoring his uncle. Herold wobbled after them, " Wait, doesn't that surprise you?" Panting the winded king put his fat hand on Char's shoulder, he felt shaking coming from his nephew.

" I've brought you the princess," Char swung around sharply, and glared into his uncle's eyes, " But the title of Prince, You can give it to a dead bug for all I care, just not to me," The kings eyes widened in fear as they stared into Char's Amber eyes, " From a false king like you, Prince means nothing to me or the Country of Zia!"

Char shoved Herold down to the floor, a small smirk danced on his solemn face. He took unsheathed his long sword and pointed the tip under the frightened man's many chins. Herold struggles to get from under the sharp blade. Soon the Silver wolv was on him, smiling. " Going some where," the wolv growled.

Herold shook his head, and backed away. " N-n-n-nooo, wh-what would m- make y-you s-s-say that, M-my old f-f-riend?"

Akotor laughed, " You kicked my pack from their home here, and now when I chose my revenge you say I am a friend?" The wolv latches himself to Herold's arm and bites harder when the man screams.

(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+ (+)

Outside the room, Eloin sat against the door talking to random things, " you know wall, you're a great friend thanks for listening to me rant, I mean why wouldn't he let me see what is going on?" She heard a scream coming from the room, the color drained from her face, " never mind don't think I want to know" Eloin winced when she heard the second scream and clamped her eyes shut and her hands to her ears, " Ahh! Make it stop!"

(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+ (+)

Inside, Char put away his sword and started walking back to the door to get Eloin, ' It will be over soon, don't want to ruin the wolv's revenge on Lord of purple heh heh'

Herold felt his bone break and screamed in agony. Akotor smiled and released his grip; fresh blood stained his white muzzle. " I have some news for you, only if you give up your power, so as not to stain my perfect record." Akotor mover around to the other arm and readied himself for the next strike. The bloodied king kept silent, Akotor bit down on the arm sending another scream to echo in the chamber. Herold let another one go as the wolv broke the other arm. " I can do this all day as you know, resign and I tell you!"

Herold nodded though his tears. The wolv lowered his red muzzle next to his ear, " On that night that you tried to kill the kings Daughter, you never did expect my village to pick her up." The dieing man's eyes opened wide, " That's right, we hid her from you and found her as she floated down the river, The lady Kathleen died a few days ago by the hands of your other nephew." before Harold could make a sound, Akotor bit down on his neck and thrashed his head: killing him instantly. Akotor called back to Char, who stood impatient at the doorway, " Let her in now."

Char opened the door and caught Eloin before she fell on to he floor, " Whoa! You look a little pale, are you alright?"

Eloin nodded as she stood back up and stared at the wolv's face as Akotor came walking up to them. Akotor stopped and turned his head to the side, " What? Have you never seen blood before?" Eloin shook her head then fainted. Both Char and Akotor laughed.

(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+(+)+ (+)

((Meanwhile, back in the town of Goala))

" Miss, are you okay?" Jerriby stood over her worriedly.

A small chilled came up behind him, " Is the lady going to be better soon, sir?"

The woman moved, her hand came to her chest and pulled out the arrow that had embedded itself into a piece of wood on her chest, but found nothing but her dress .She opened her green eyes to see a pair of black eyes looking at her, " You're the one who shot me! Why did you save me?"

" You weren't dead to begin with, and my name is Jerriby, and this boy is Jaccob. He found you alive so I took you back to a tent to see if you would awake . . ." . . .


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