I am done. I am really, truly done. That's all, folks! YAY! I would like to thank anyone and everyone who read, and especially those who reviewed. I am aware that there are a few questions that need to be answered, and after having reread a bit of From Child to Man, I am now ready to answer them. I wrote this in March, so the story isn't exactly fresh in my mind. I'm sorry if I can't offer you better answers. Thank you to Bunnyrabbit228 who took the time to pose them.

First question: Did Shahla and Emrah ever get married?

Yes, they did. They lived long, happy lives together, had lots of kids - the personalities and lives of which are for your imaginations to conjure - and became legends.

What about Shahla's intended?

Well, he's short one wife, isn't he? While I was writing this, I really didn't pay much attention to him. If I gave him a name, I have forgotten it. All I know is that Shahla didn't marry him, and from Emrah's visions of her possible future with him, he wasn't a good man. But for fun's sake, let's say they realized he was a jerk, covered him in honey and feathers, and ran him up and down the road, making him cluck like a chicken purely for their own amusement. That would be a very funny scene to write, I think. Maybe I'll try it one day ;)

Where did all the souls go?

The souls - the ones who didn't permanently die in the fight against Mai Ruve Piel - returned to the afterlife to live out eternity in whatever paradise the afterlife has to offer.

What happened to Emrah's mothers and Cari?

Emrah's dead mothers also returned to the afterlife. Cari and her husband moved to the island to be closer to Emrah, who they came to love as their own son.

Were the war images refering to any war in particular?

No. War is war. It is the terrible game of barbarians, and you would think that in this day and age such evils could be avoided.

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Thanks again for your support and for reading this story. It really means a lot to me.