I'm here before you,
I stand; pleading eyes
Begging you to see me,
But you're blind.
I'm here beside you,
Longing for some small sign
To tell me you feel me,
But you're not there.
I've tried
For so long
To find some piece of soul
In your empty shell.
You can't see me.
You can't feel me.
Maybe you can hear me.
Screaming your name,
Begging, pleading, crying.
Singing some lonely tune
Over and over;
Can't you hear me?
Why won't you move?
Why won't you open your eyes?
Why aren't you breathing?
Why won't you speak?
Why are you gone?
Author's note: Hrm... not one of my best pieces to be sure. I wasn't really
in the mood but you know I just felt like doing something. I was bored, so
sue me. I wasn't even depressed. Not one tiny bit! *_* I'm so weird.