And slowly she finds suicide
Eating her from the inside out
White pill on her tongue
Glitter falling in her eyes
Losing touch
With reality
With safety
With herself
Forgetting it all in the neon beams
And gyrating bodies
Bracelets of beads (shackles)
Necklace of beads (choker)

And she finds
Ecstasy in
Mouth eyes ears skin
Sweat sex (kissmehard)
Fishnet concealing her barest scars
Duct tape on nipples; silver on burnt rose
And she finds marks
The morning after

She is
Rave's queen – epitome
Light emanating from her
Amethyst and gold in eyes and smile
(painted on)

Chipped nails
Dirty jewellery
Falling asleep on chipped dirty cement

And she is
Rave's queen epitome
(gyrating bodies)
glitter amethyst and gold
losing touch
losing touch