On one sunny, clear and beautiful day, two friends walked down the street, a woot was slung over the girl Kat's shoulder, riding on her like its a backpack. Kat was a girl that looked around her early teens with glasses long dirty blond hair and black pants and white "Chobits" shirt O_O. Chrissie, the other girl, walked a muffin called Bobb on a leash beside Kat. Chrissie a girl with strait brown hair and she smelly clothes because she never changed them. Suddenly, Kat saw a figure cloaked in black leap out of the figure said in an oddly familiar voice..."I must cleanse the world and rid it all of woots!" Kat ran towards the cloaked figure and unveiled them and lo and behold it IS Kris, a girl whose insanity has gotten her into much trouble in the past. She had blue eyes and braces that look like the green of pond scum! Katherine then taught Kris the error of her ways by whacking her with a giant stick and feeding her to a giant jell-o monster owned by Kat's Mother in law. Kris finally realized the error of her ways when Kat dropped her out of a 10 story building and Kris landed on Chrissie's muffin as she's walking him. Mr. Muffin goes "squash" and Chrissie screamed at Kris as she whacks her with her purse and cane like an 80 year old granny.
Kris then asked, "Chrissie... Hey.I'm looking to murder the evil murderous toast...will you join my quest?" Chrissie agrees and begins to pick her muffin (once pet) off the side of the road. She stares at the manly pieces, shrugs, and pops one in her mouth.
"Okay, let's go, but to go on a quest we will need more people don't you agree?" Chrissie asked.
"Yes...we will" Kris agreed, "and by the way, do you have any special talents?"
"Why yes, I can steal things from people ...that's my greatest talent"
"Hey! gimmie back my wallet"
"Sorry...it's my passion." The new best friends looked for their new friend Kat and her woots. They found her and asked her to join their quest...she agreed. Kat said her talents were murdering people, and Chrissie and Kris agreed that they would need a warriorish person on the QUEST.
"But we can't have just three people on the quest!" Kat screamed killing her companion's ears. "Yes you are quite right" Kris agreed as she did magic (her talent is being a mage) making a heard of bulls charge at things.
"The one to be chased by this herd of bulls will be the next one to join our quest"...suddenly, a screaming figure ran towards the new friends ...screaming... (AHHHH!). Suddenly a bull spikes the screaming girl in the butt
"Ow...that hurt" she yelled as she does a "Jackie Chan-like" move on the butt-probing bull. After she killed all the attacking bulls she pulled up besides the trio and brushed a piece of dark brown hair that covered her eyes (that she purposely glued there) next, she pushed the glasses she wore farther on her head so they'd stay there.
"Hello yall!" She said in a slight western accent which she suddenly dropped in the next sentence, "My name's The Hunted...Allie the Hunted..."
"Wow! So you can hunt things good?" Chrissie exclaimed
" , no, I am hunted by things. By the way, do you have a butt bandage that bull hurt" "Hi Allie...want to be part of our QUEST?" Kris exclaimed. "I mean you already have a talent...for um...attracting harm."
".Kris, are you sure this is such a good Idea...I like to keep my eyeballs. I prefer to not have them poked out by dangerous Eyeball-hunting monsters." Kat said.
"Me too!" Exclaimed a voice from above
"Moo?" Allie asked.
"I said, me too...I like to keep my eyeballs in my eye sockets thank you, but for some reason they are randomly being poked out by cacti! It always happens" The mysterious voice said again.
The band of 4 girls looked above and spotted a girl around their age with brownish hair about ear length and a cute innocent look.
"Who are you?" Chrissie asked the girl hanging from the roof above her..."And why do you have a beard?"
"I'm Maria and I am a blacksmith. I have this beard because I come from the planet Beardo and we eat each others beards. I also worked in a freak show as the bearded woman once. Want to see the pictures?"
After looking at the pictures of odd people (which were quite graphic) the 4some made Maria join their quest and they held her down and shaved her beard, even though she fought and struggled. They finally convinced Maria that it was going to a good cause...wigs for street rats.
"It's okay Maria...now the little tiny rats can have nice wigs to wear!" Kris exclaimed. Maria continued to sob till her eyes fell out.
Next, the girls journeyed to the palace of COWS! That was where the princess of COWS ruled.
"Can I join your quest?" Princess Jessie asked.
"Um no..." The Quest responded in unison. Then Kat cut the princess' head off.
"She's more trouble than she's worth." Kat said and went to go laugh at the fool. "Hey you've got talent!"

"Why thank you!" The fool added while stomping on Kris' toe because she was poking the fool's eyeball with a giant stick to see if she was alive. The fool had brown short hair with streaks of blond through them. As they stared at her amazed by her juggling she gave them an impish grin.
The group then found out The Fool's name was Halley and decided she should come along on the quest... The six girls finally set out on their journey.
They travel to the murderous toast's village and knock on their door.

Allie asked "Excuse me Mr. Murderous Toast sir...May we please hunt you down and kill you!? Pleeeeeeease?" Allie pleads. Impressed by Allie's odd sunglasses and her hair glued to her face, the murderous toasts agreed to the QUEST member's demands and are brutally murdered by Halley and Kat. But the thing is ...the murderous toast had really cloned them selves...and their clones were dumb and stupid...the real toast had gone on a surfing vacation in Hawaii...
"NO! How will we get to the island?" The group exclaimed "WE MUST PONDER THIS QUESTION!"
So the QUEST decided to post a wanted ad in COWKindom Times weekly and a really dorky looking boy appeared (though he really was quite cool though and good looking with cool glasses and a cool haircut.) and he said he could ponder this question.
So Chrissie said..."I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!"
And the ponderer exclaimed, "Oh my goodness.I think I know who you are too!"
And Maria said to Chrissie "CHRISSIE...YOU ARE MY MOTHER!"
Brian responded "Oh, I thought I saw you at the mall once or something, but lost sister thing is good too."
The group continued on with their new hired ponderer..."How will we get across the ocean oh wise ponderer?" Halley asked.
"In yonder boat!" Said the ponderer. So Chrissie went out and stole the boat but there was a problem, a stowaway had joined the Questing Questers. Molly the Pirate... (argh) *makes pirate hook pointy finger thing with finger* was that stowaways name, A tall girl with brown hair wrapped tightly in a bandana and loose baggy shorts accented by a stylish red and white stripped shirt.
"Oy there!" Molly exclaimed, "Arrrgh!"
" are you doing here.?" The group asked, blank looks on their faces.
"Well, the thing is, I was chasing the EVIL fiends on the planet Beardo and then some of the fiends sucked my brains out with bendy straws, and here I am."
"Cool, I had my brain sucked out with a bendy straw once!" Halley exclaimed.
"Figures." Kris muttered, and then replied, "Just kidding, just kidding!" When Halley threatened to unscrew her head and throw her brain at Kris.
The quest continued on their journey to Hawaii. When the 8 friends finally reached the island they decided to relax a bit before brutally murdering the EVIL toast. On the Saturday before Sunday and after Friday, the EVIL toast appeared on the beach. After playing a brisk game of beach volley ball with the QUEST members the battle against their mortal enemies began. The battle ended quickly with of course the QUEST members as the Victors. Since toasts aren't living objects it was very easy to kill them because they have no arms and legs.

The End..