Authors Note: Yes, the Quest Continues and so does its almighty weirdness lol. Might as well apologize now for any spelling or punctuation errors; I tend to make a lot without noticing. Well anyway, the QUEST is just kind of this inside joke my friends and me made up. Each person of the QUEST does exist, which is pretty sad, and our personalities and yes, weirdness does match that of the QUEST.

The eight Members of the QUEST returned home after defeating the reincarnated Evil Toast, but now they had other worries on their minds besides evil breakfast foods.
"How will I ever get all this stuff done?" yelled Chrissie the Thief, "I have to write five essays about tofu for English in Shakespearian language!"
"Now who was it that liked to write essays and to talk in Shakespearian language again.?" pondered Brian the Ponderer, "Oh yea, the Evil Murderous breakfast foods that can only be defeated by umbrellas of DOOM!"
"Crud from flying horseshoes!" screamed Kris the Sorceress, "Your not thinking of resurrecting the Evil Toast in order to do an essay on tofu."
"Um no." responded Chrissie in a very innocent voice. She then walked over into a corner to consult with the little green men in her brain about what Kris had said, "Wahahaha! My precious. I mean, we require the help of the murderous toast, oh evil freaky little men who inhabit my brain."
Maria the Craftsperson, Allie the Hunted, Kat the Warrior and Halley the Fool walked in and suddenly stopped at the sight of Chrissie talking to herself about tofu.
"What's she doing?" asked Halley.
"Ignore her," responded Brian, "She's having hysterical moments because she needs to write five essays in Shakespearian language about tofu.
"Don't we know someone who likes to write essays and talk in Shakespearian language?" Allie asked Maria who shrugged.

"So, what's our next quest?" questioned Maria, "Because I have one. We must travel the world to search for innocent eyeballs in danger! Someone could get poked in the eye someday, and we have to be there!"
The group stared at her for a really long time to freak her out, but since Maria had a weird obsession with eyeballs all she did was walk up to the and inspect their eyes like a bizarre art critic. Then she began to talk like Simon on American Idol. This went on for five more hours, and then Molly the Pirate suddenly burst though the window, screaming like an ape on drugs.
When she settled down, Molly reported to them about why she was there. "Oy there! I mean, just spotted evil murderous FRENCH toast off the starboard side, I mean, right side of town."
The QUEST gasped to create an exciting atmosphere, and then ran out the door to hunt for the evil murderous FRENCH toast.
"I always knew the French were up to something," Commented Kat, "Just keep your eyes out for large egg covered pieces of bread who have really curly fake mustaches and large pointy goatees.
The QUEST members journeyed all over the United States looking for the Evil Murderous French Toast. Then it hit them. The French toast would be in FRANCE! So, they journeyed all over France, but couldn't find the Toast anywhere. So, concluding that the toast had met, a nasty, smelly, cheese-related end, the group journeyed to Mexico for Kris' cousin's fiesta. The Quest took the plane to Mexico. When they arrived Kris commented, "I don't recall having a cousin who lived in Mexico. *Gasp* He must be imaginary! I'll name him Taco and I'll love him forever!"
Kris was right though-she didn't have a cousin in Mexico-for it was the evil toast (who had grown their curly mustaches in to manly Mexican mustaches) who met them instead. Katherine, Maria and Kris were the first to step forward, for they were the only ones who took French at COW High.
" -jour.?" Kat questioned
"Um yea, tu a un bon nez. La porte est tres .Le fromage voit le pomme de terre.O_O" Kris tried her luck with reasoning with the toast. But they just stared and looked fiendliesh, holding up a potato and a hunk of large smelly cheese.
Maria tried her luck, "Tu a un pizza.!" But it still didn't seem to work.
"Okay! Declared Halley the Fool, "If we can't defeat them with our wonderful.I French, them we must use our burumas of DOOM!"
"Yes!" responded Allie, as suffocated herself by putting the burumas on her head. All the Quest members followed her example and put their burumas on their heads and danced around doing the buruma dance of DOOM! Finally, when the Quest members all ran out of air and they passed out.

Meanwhile, the toast stared on as the Quest members did their evil buruma dance of DOOM! Then, after five seconds of dancing, the Toast started eating toilet plungers to choke themselves to death. "I can't go on any longer!" The leader French Toast yelled, "Too many many Burumas!" And with that, the Toast killed themselves with plungers and disappeared...

The IS it.