Tears of the young

Your name brings tears to this young mans eyes

Just being near you I am better

Dreams of holding embracing with you

This is my life and none of this can be true

Can't imagine life with you

Blissful and euphoric

But my road is a dark and lonely one

A journey that I must make alone

Finally I understand that

I can never hold any happiness for myself

Together we are blissful and joyous

United through a cosmic bond

WHO am I to change that?

I hate who I have become

Powerless to change

I am broken and battered

Time after time,

Thy heart has been trampled upon yet again

Can share my anguish with only myself

I am strong, but beaten and bloody

My sprit has be rocked to its rock foundation

Now enclosed in darkness and shadows

Forever a loner, my true self

I do better all alone

Just fed up with the cards I have been dealt

Is this dealer trying to steal from me, I need another hand

Each one of you have afflicted you own brand of pain against me,

In your own ways, Your




JOY will you leave my heart, nothing can ever become of us,

Dear God;

Explain this to me!

Why have I been forsaken?

I cannot continue on this quest

Just let me be in peace and rest