Chapter Three

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Asheligh looked at the pictures in the living room. She was in one in front of a building holding up a newspaper. She picked it up and looked at it closely. She was standing in front of the 'Sunset Times' building and holding what she thought was her first edited newspaper.

"Your first big paper. You were so happy that day." Ryan said handing he a cup of steaming cofee.

"Yea, that was how long ago?" she asked.

"About 2 years." he replied.

"Scott! Connor! Dalton! Bailey! Come on you're going to be late!" he yelled.

Ashleigh watched four children run down the stairs and into the living room to get their belongings. They ran just as fast out to the van. She sat there stunned.

"My dream came true." she said.

Ryan looked at her. "It did." he replied. "As did mine."

"Bye darling." he said and kissed Ashleigh's cheek.

Ashleigh watched four children jump out of the van and run up the sidewalk and into the school building. She sighed and drove on past the school and onto a small country road that led to the main street in town.

Luckily Ryan had said all the childrens names that morning so all she had to do now is remember them. There was Scott, who is the oldest at 10 years old; Connor, who is 8; Dalton, who is 6; and Bailey who is 4.

She smiled though. She had a big family, something she had always wanted. As for her career it appeared to be flourishing. Ryan ran his fathers buisness in town and she was the head editor for the local newspaper.

She pulled the van into the parking lot of the 'Sunset Times' office and turned the engine off. She took a deep breath and got out of the car.

She walked into the building and looked around. Luckily there was barely anyone there so she had time to find her office.

"Leigh, come check this out." a man said stepping out of a office.

She nodded and walked into his office. 'Get his name!' she yelled at herself. She needed a story, she needed to do something. She slapped her palm to her forehead and pretended to pass out.

She fell to the ground in a heap and heard the man yelp and rush to her side. "Leigh, Leigh wake-up, it's Don. Leigh can you hear me?" he asked shaking her slightly.

She opened her eyes weakly and looked at him. "What? Who are you?" she said quietly.

"It's Don. Don Martin, you know, your best friend for years." he said.

"I dont believe I know you." she replied.

"Here hold on." he said and scooped her up.

Ashleigh felt a little uncomfortable. She wasn't afraid of him dropping her because she was little already, but the fact that this strange man was carrying her.

He enetered an office and set her on a couch. She looked around and found that this was her office. There were pictures of the kids and Ryan everywhere.

"Wait here." he said and picked up the phone.

"Ryan, it's Don. Leigh passed out and woke up and dosent know anything. I dont know what happened. One minute she was up and the next, she wasnt." he said. "Yea. Ok." Don place the phone in it's cradle and went back to her.

"Ok, Ryan, your husband of 11 years, is coming to get you." he told her.

"Husband?" she replied.

Ashleigh was so relieved that she could go home and act like she didnt know anything. She would have Ryan tell her everything.

Not more that five minutes passed before Ryan came running into the room. He dropped down beside her and rested one hand on her stomach and the other on her forehead.

"Baby, are you ok?" he asked.

"Baby? Who are you?" she replied.

"Im your husband Ryan. Remeber me?"

"Oh yea. I do. I think. We're married?" she replied.

Ryan nodded and stood up. "Ill take her home. She really should be careful now that she is pregnant again. If she wasnt's feeling well she should have told me." he said to Don.

"You know how she is, she never wants anyone to know what is running through that head of hers." Don replied.

Ryan nodded and scooped her up in his arms. He carried her out to his truck and placed her gently on the seat. He hurried to the other side and climbed up inside.

They arrived at the house and he carried her into their bedroom and layed her down on their bed. She looked around at the room. "Someone knows how to decorate." she said coyly.

"You did this. I just helped painting." he replied with a smile and sat down beside her.

"So, tell me everything." she said.

"Well, you and I grew up togethr pretty much. We were best friends and in highschool we fell in love and dated. We got married right after highschool and you went to school here. About 3 years afterwards we had our first child Scott, then Connor, then Dalton, then Bailey, and now your going to have another one. You have been the editor of the Sunset Times for a few years now and you are the most amazing woman in the world." he said.

Ashliegh felt like she was falling in love with him all over again. His deep blue eyes were full of concern and love. She leaned over and kissed him.

When she broke away she looked up at him and bit her lip. "Was I supposed to do that?" she asked.

Ryan smiled. "Yea. Maybe you should get some sleep."

"Dont leave me" she replied.