Is there ever really a point to anything in this life? Is there ever truly anything to live for? And if so… what would those things be? Love? Freedom? Humanity? Mortality? Fear? Longing? Really, what point is there…what value does living have? We all die after all… well, all mortals die. But that makes them all the more entrancing. The biggest thing that separates them from us, from the immortal blood drinkers, is that they will all die. But not us…we will never die, unless of course we are caught in a fiery inferno.

Mortal life is something that I do not suppose I treasured much. I never thought that one day anything as dramatic as being born into darkness would happen. I always assumed that I would die and that would be the end of it. But a preternatural being saw to it that that never happened.

The being's name was Brasidus. He made himself known to me many years before he turned me. He would have made sure that I completely trusted him before he turned me. He would have saw to it that I was totally deceived. But, unfortunately for him, I saw him feed on a young woman, and after that, I wanted completely what it was that he had. And what it was that I was to later become…

The year that he first made himself known to me was 1821. I lived in Italy, the son of an artist, the likes of which only matched by Boticelli. He saw me quickly; I stuck out in a crowd. My hair was long and fine. I was very feminine, even for the times, which was something that often got me into trouble, although I was stronger than one would think.

He saw me for the first time in a Tavern. I stuck out even more in Taverns, where there were drunken men and prostitutes galore. I was never drunk, and I was always there because my father made me go.

I saw him at about the same time he saw me. He stared at me, as if he were in a trance. I dismissed it as just another who thought my appearance was highly appealing. He kept his eyes on me whenever I moved throughout the Tavern, speaking with some of my father's frequent buyers. They told me the type of painting that they most wanted from my father; I recorded it, and then gave the orders to my father at the end of the night.

This night was very nearing an end when he approached me. He didn't speak right away; he merely looked at me like he was sizing me up. For what I wasn't sure. My mind raced at the thought of all the sexual advances that had begun in this way.

I made my way slowly to the door, hoping to get out without him following me, but as I walked I saw that the chances of this were slim to none. Never-the-less, I walked out of the Tavern and down the dark street. His foot steps echoing behind me eerily.

I turned to face him, planning on asking him what it was that he wanted. But I didn't see him. I glanced around slightly but he was no where to be seen. He had simply disappeared…for the time being.

I stood in the middle of the street, staring around stupidly as I looked for whom or what had caused the footsteps. I saw no one. I turned back in the direction of the Tavern that I had just come out of. I saw no one still. I quickly spun when I again heard the foot steps, this time to my left. This time I saw a man with long wavy black hair. He took a step toward me; I took a step away.

"Why is someone as delicate looking as you out alone in the middle of the night?"

"I am not as delicate as you might think." I snapped, slightly angry that he had seen me and thought me to be weak.

He closed the remaining distance between us and wrapped his arm around mine. "You are going to come home with me, you are mine now."

I wasn't afraid. How many had said the same thing to me many times before? "My father will come and get me." I whispered. My father was always there within one day.

He laughed. "Don't be too sure of that, young one." He said quietly. "After all, your father is the one that told me to come and take you home with me."

My head was spinning. Why would my father tell this man that he wanted me to go and live with him? Why? When the life that I had with my father was almost everything that I could almost ever possibly want? "I don't believe you." I whispered timidly.

"Oh, but of course not. Why believe someone that you have only just met?" He smiled and began to lead me down a dark street that I knew well. "But, perhaps if you hear the reasons behind your father's deathbed wish…"

"Deathbed?!" I gasped. "My father was on perfect condition when last I saw him! Which was only a few hours ago!" My head was spinning worse and I couldn't think straight. I thought I was going to pass out.

"Remain strong, young one." He whispered. "You have always been quick to give up on things. And your father is already dead. So you needn't worry about his safety." This being seemed to take death as if it were some joke that should rightfully be laughed at.

He led me to a house that I had never noticed before. It was very old style gothic. Made of rich grayish black granite. Very big, probably very expensive. He must have noticed me staring up at it because he tightened his grip on me and pulled me inside.

"I already have a room prepared for you." He said kindly. "I'll stay with you until sunrise, and then I am leaving."

I nodded, not really knowing what he had said and not really caring either. "Where..?"

He grasped my hand now, instead of my arm, and led me up the large staircase. And then down a narrow hallway and into a room that was beautifully furnished. I glanced at the red silk sheets on the bed. Who exactly was this man? And how had he kept this house so unnoticed by me? One who went around the town daily looking for new buyers for his father.

"Many questions plaig your mind." He sad with a slightly sad smile. "Your father told me to treat you like a son. But now that I have seen you…I think I would rather treat you as a lover. Put your questions out of your mind, there are no answers for many of them. And the rest, are simply meaningless. You needn't worry about them."

"Sir, I don't believe I even know your name…" I whispered, the things that this man was saying made me think more and more that perhaps everything he had said to me so far was a lie… and he really only wanted me because he liked my appearance. That my father was still alive. And that I would soon be returned to him.

"Best to get the idea of going back to your father out of your mind." He said annoyed. "He is dead." He picked me up and sat me on the bed. "But my name is Brasidus."

"How do I know that you are not lying to me about my father? How do I know if he is really dead or not?" I asked quietly, trying not to get angry with him. Because it was very possible that he could do anything with me that he wanted to. And that I would most likely not want.

"I have no sexual wish for you." He said suddenly, as if he could read my thoughts. "And the only way that I know to make you believe is to show you the body, but do you really want to see that? Your father's dead body? His skin a paling yellow and his eyes sunken?"

"You do not have to explain to me what a corpse looks like." I said softly.

"Let's not start our time together like this." He sat down beside me. "I have to leave you in the morning. But, until then, you have all of my attention."

"Why do you have to leave? I don't want you to." The words were out no sooner than I had thought them. I looked down at the floor and blushed.

He ran his fingers through my hair, an act that he seemed to enjoy. "I won't leave you for a while yet, there are still about three hours before sunrise. Why don't you try to sleep before I leave. And I ca send someone in with you if you want, while I am gone?"

I shook my head. "No, I think I'll be fine." He pulled me down onto the bed softly and wrapped his arms around me. I shivered slightly. His skin was so cold. "Why are you so cold?"

"I have been outside all night. What do you expect?" He asked with a slight chuckle. "I have a hard time regulating my body heat. So I tend to be slightly cold whenever I come back inside."

I nodded and closed my eyes. It didn't take me long to fall asleep.

When I awoke it was mid day. I stood up slowly and looked around the room. There was beautiful artwork covering all the walls. Artwork that kept me fascinated for the remainder of the day. Before I knew it Brasidus walked back into the room. I glanced outside and noticed that it was, indeed, dark again.

"Where you alright today, Aubrey?" He asked me kindly, using my name for the first time.

I nodded and hugged him quickly before turning toward the window. "You won't go out in sunlight?"

"That is correct, clever one. But, do you know why?" He smiled at me and walked over next to me, placing his hand on my shoulder.

"I do not… But I will figure it out." I smiled. "It will give me something to do while I am sitting in this room during the day."

"How old are you? Your father didn't say." He sized me up again. What was going through his head? Sexual activities that he was hoping to enjoy? Or perhaps he was simply curious.

"15." I said slowly. He smiled.

"So it is safe to assume that you a virgin?"

I blushed heavily and walked over to the bed and sat down. "Is there a reason behind the question?"

"Not an important one. I was more curious than anything." He shrugged slightly. "Me and you can't do anything just yet. It isn't…"

"It's too soon." I murmured, cutting off his speech. "And I know that. So I will try to keep that in mind."

He stood by the window, his skin seeming to glow in the light of the moon. It seemed flawless and perfect. Any lines giving away his age were concealed beautifully. He stood, and I stared. I was completely mesmerized about everything about him.

"There is no need for such idolization. I am not a god, you should not look at me as if I am." He whispered.

"Sir, can I leave here tonight, or tomorrow maybe?"

"I have already told you that you live here now." Was his answer.

"I don't mean leaving for good, I mean leaving so that I can stretch my legs a bit. Get more fresh air than the open window allows me."

He nodded and walked over to the bed where I sat. He laid his hand on my shoulder. "Get dressed to go then, you will find that I have you a large wardrobe of clothes to choose from." He smiled sweetly. "I will be back in about 15 minutes to get you." He removed his hand and walked quickly out the door.

I stood up and walked over to a large closet. Inside it I found many beautiful articles of clothing. Most of them seemed to be red and black. So this was the color that I would wear while I was here? Red and black? Colors that had never really caught my eye before. But looking at them, I thought to myself that I had never really seen anything as amazing in design and flawlessness as these outfits. And that they each looked newly bought. I selected a simple enough looking outfit. It consisted of a red shirt, black pants, and a black coat.

No sooner that I was finished dressing; Brasidus walked back into the room. His face was flushed slightly, like he had been running. "I like the colors on you." He said. I noticed for the first time that he always wore the same colors. He chose for himself the colors gold and black. And he chose for me the colors red and black.

"Where are we going to go?" I asked quietly. "Can we perhaps go to a gallery? One maybe that had other work such as these." I gestured around the room. "I spent all day studying them. I would love to see more."

"Ah, I am afraid that you will not find paintings quite like these in any art gallery. I painted them myself. I can always paint you more though, if you feel that you truly enjoy them that much." He smiled. "But there are some very fine galleries around, would you like to go to one of them?"

I nodded. Art was a major thing in my life, my father being a painter and what not. I always envisioned myself following in his footsteps, not really as a painter, because I did not have extraordinary skills, but I could easily see myself working for a painter such as my father… But not anymore, now I would probably never want to do anything with art ever again.

"Don't get too discouraged." Brasidus said to me quietly. "We'll take you to look at art and you will enjoy yourself."

I walked toward the door. Overly eager to leave the confinements of the room. And also overly eager to see people. Because people were something that I had sorely missed, even though I had only been away from human contact for a day.

Outside in the rest of the house I could smell the food cooking. And it seemed that everyone that took residence in the house was awake and nighttime. But that made sense to me. Seeing as how our master did only return home at night.

I also realized, after smelling the food, how hungry I was. I hadn't eaten with my father the last time I saw him, as I usually did. And the food in taverns always disgusted me, because of the simple fact that it was prepared by the same people who served the drunks and prostitutes. So it had been almost two days since my last meal, and since my last drink of water.

"You're hungry, Aubrey. We won't leave until you have some food?"

"We can eat out?" I knew that he had the money to take me anywhere in the city. It was only a question of where he would take me. And how much he was really willing to spend on me. One who he only felt a slight physical attraction to.

"You know, I feel a lot for you. An I, a great aura reader. Can sense that your name's meaning suits you very well." He said with a smile, and I wondered… if he could read auras, could he also read minds?

"No, I do not."

"'Aubrey', in Italian it means, 'supernaturally powerful.' And your aura tells the tale that it is true." He said calmly.

"How did you learn to read auras? And how can you be certain that you can?" I asked skeptically, although I believed him completely.

"It isn't entirely difficult to learn, especially not for you, I think. Perhaps I'll teach you sometime." He answered. "But, alright, we will go and eat out. I'll let you pick, is there a small restaurant that you enjoy?"

I shook my head. My father had many cooks, so we didn't eat out often, although we did have the money to. "I haven't ate out much…so you can decide… You probably know better placed to eat than I."

"Alright." He said slowly. "Come, I think I know the perfect place. And don't fret, I'll be sure that it isn't a tavern. I know how much you dislike them.

He began to lead me down another darkened hallway. Only a few candles lit them, I began to wonder if there were any well-lit hallways in the entire house. "No need to feel me morbid, the lack of light comes from my sensitive-ness to it. When I was young my eyes were damaged, making being in lighted places very uncomfortable for me."

I nodded. I was beginning to understand now why he didn't go out during the day, because it caused him pain. But, to never see the light of day… How could he live like that? But, was his tale behind the reason of his pain real? Had he really been injured as a young man? Or was it all a clever lie…? No, what reason would he have to lie to me?

In the time that I was still mortal, I had little belief that anything existed out of my own world and time. I did not believe in the supernatural that I could not see. I did not believe in preternatural beings that I now know truly do walk the Earth. I wasn't that I did not have the capacity ro believe… because I did… it was that I had never been shown the way.

But, back to my story of my final mortals years. We walked slowly to a small diner on the coast. The smell of the sea air was in my nostrils; the sand was beautifully gleaming in the moonlight. But…I didn't remember ever seeing a beach such as this in my hometown…and a beach of this caliber I would not forgotten. I glanced around… we were not at home anymore…we were in an entirely different land altogether.

"Sir, where have you taken me and how?" I asked in slight disbelief of what I saw.

"There are many things that I wish you to know, but first, let's go inside and get you some food. I know you're are hungry."

I looked down at the sand for a moment. Was I that hungry really? Here, in a strange land that I did not know? No, I was not that hungry… I wanted answers from him and I wanted them right then!

"You're confusion is justified…but, I will explain everything to you in time, my child."

I shook my head. His pet names were beginning to annoy me. Young one, Cleaver one, and now a new name altogether…My child… his child?! I was most certainly not his child.

"Now, now, if you aren't hungry we can go back…"

For a second everything dimmed…then I was back in the bed that he had prepared for me, my memory of the night fading. It seemed like it had all been a dream… Had it though?

I looked around. The room was the same that I had seen. The beautiful paintings covered the walls, Brasidus stood beside the window, staring at the already paling sky.

"I have to leave now." He whispered. "The sun will rise soon."

"Sir please…have I been asleep all night? Or was I awake earlier?" I asked, my voice trembling.

"My child, why do you tremble so?" He asked. "You have been sleeping here all night, mumbling things in your sleep. Did you have a troubling dream?"

I cupped my forehead in my hand. "I suppose I did." I nodded and tried to smile. "I think I'll just stay in bed today, I still feel awfully tired…"

He looked at me with a sympathetic expression. "I'm sure that learning of you father took a lot out of you. And I would stay with you if I thought I could… but I'm afraid that I can not." He kissed my head lightly. "I'll be back as soon as the sun disappears into the night."

With hat he took his leave. And I began to wonder more and more if it was possible that my dream had not been a dream.

I laid down and closed my eyes. Very soon I was asleep again. This time when I awoke it was not nighttime. The sun was only just beginning to set. I knew that it would still be a few hours before Brasidus came back.

I stood up and walked over to the door. It was locked. Why would he have me locked in during the day? Didn't he know that I wanted to stay with him? As odd as it was… I knew that I couldn't stay separated from him for long… the bond was already there…and it was already strong and unbreakable.

I walked to the window, which was still open. A cool breeze blew in through it. It signified that the cold winter was about to be replaced with the cool spring. Very soon it would be time to get out the lighter clothes. And the lighter attitudes.

Springtime always brought upon me a change. I got along better with others, my temper wasn't as easily ignited, and I tended to my spring love very early on. And I already had my eyes on one person for this spring. And possibly longer… if everything went as I do dearly hoped that it would.

I sat in the window sill and looked down at the emptying street below. I tried to judge the distance to the street. Although I knew I was on about the second story, the house was built in a way that the second almost appeared to be the first. I swung one leg over the side of the window, I then heaved the rest of my weight out of the window and landed on the street below. My knees bent as I landed quietly, but the distance of the fall made my ankles burn slightly.

"Okay," I said quietly to myself. "Time to go and look around for someone who would know for sure if I am being lied to."

I walked down the street and turned into a already dark alley. I gasped and jumped back behind the corner. Hardly daring to peak at the seen that unfolded. But I did.

I watched from my safe vantage point, my master… Brasidus. He held in his arms a young girl, she couldn't have been any older than 14. Young, pretty, and afraid. She struggled against his grip, but he held fast to her. I watched in horror as he sank his teeth into her neck. He dropped her a few seconds later. I stepped around the corner. I felt hatred towards someone that I so dearly loved. I loved him, yet I hated him at the very same time.

"Aubrey…" He whispered upon seeing me.

I nodded. "What are you?" I asked, my voice was barely an audible whisper.

"I didn't want you to find out like this." He took a step toward me, I instinctively stepped back away from him. "Don't back away. I will not hurt you."

"Is that what you said to her?" I motioned to the corpse of the girl. "Did you swear to her that you wouldn't hurt her? That you wanted to discuss something with her, perhaps? Or did you tell her that you, a refined gentleman, wanted her hand in marriage?" My tone was hateful and full of anger.

"You are no doubt alarmed, but that does not give you the right to talk to me like that." His tone remained calm.

"Why? Will you do to me what you did to her?" I asked with mock fear.

He hissed at me quietly. "Come here child." I shook my head slightly and tried to turn to run, he quickly moved to me and grabbed my arm. "Do not run from me when I tell you to come." I began to tremble. It was as if my entire body had suddenly been swallowed by the fear that I felt. "There is no need to tremble, there is nothing to be afraid of. You will not die like her. In a few moments you will never die. You will be like me, alive forever. And always by my side to do as I say."

"You have been warned against this blasphemous Brasidus." An acidy voice said from behind us.

My eyes darted to the voice. And the body behind it was that of a woman, undoubtedly the same thing as my master. What had she meant? Warned against what?

"You and those ancient dolts who think you know everything."

"You call the Fates dolts?" She asked in slight surprise.

"Why yes, of course I do. They never tell us of anything but bad news, and I never seem to catch the apocalypse when it comes by." Brasidus laughed slightly and tightened his grip on me. "And when you tell me that this one, this child, will be strong enough to take out every one of us that exist. I can't help but think you are lying."

"The fates do not lie Brasidus. You know that…remember what they told you before you made me… 'make the alabaster child and she will forever turn against you. Your mortal lover, your immortal and never-dieing enemy and foe.' Do you recall?" She smiled slightly, her eyes gleaming.

"I remember. But, they are not always right. They can not always be credited." He laughed coldly. "And you saw what the child just did, he hated the fact that I killed an innocent. Do you think he will be capable of killing enough to satisfy himself to the point that he could kill us all?" He stopped laughing and stared into my eyes. "No, I think not."

I single tear slid down my cheek. "Are you that blind? Or are you just stupid?" The woman laughed an icy laugh. "That is all the more reason that he will destroy us all. Do you think that there are not enough evil doers in this world to sustain him? As the times progress, the evil does as well. We vampires could exist completely on the lives of evil doers if we wanted to. It would require little sacrifice. If you had ever hunted anyone other than an innocent, you would know. Evil tastes good. Their blood is thick and bitter, it is perfect." She stopped speaking to him and looked at me. "Child, when you become what you are to become, remember that I tried to talk sense into him. I did try. And the two of us can cleanse this world of evil together. My name… is Calypsa. And I am on your side." With saying that she again turned to Brasidus. "And you, you fool's fool. When this child raises against you, which he will do, I want you to remember what I told you. That I and the fates warned you. So don't go blaming us for your downfall." She blew a kiss in my direction and vanished.

"Figures she'd show up. Place false ideas about power that you will never attain into your head. Don't think of her now. Think only of me…" He pushed my hair back and revealed my tender neck. He ran his fingers across the vein on my neck. "Hold still and this won't hurt as much."

I gasped when he pressed his fangs into my neck slowly. I whined quietly.

"Do not die." He whispered over the flow of my own blood. "Hold tight to your beating heart."

I could hear…no, I could feel my heart beating. And with each beat I became weaker. The edges of my vision began to dull… I felt like I was about to pass out when he pulled away. I vaguely saw him bite into his own wrist. He allowed a few drops to drip into my mouth. "Bring yourself up to it." He whispered.

I tried to raise myself. Noticing only too quickly that I was very weak. I struggled to lift my weight, only able to get about halfway up onto my elbows before I grabbed his wrist and pulled it to my mouth. I drank it and I enjoyed it. But all too soon it started to burn in my stomach. Everything went black and I don't really know what happened next.

When I awoke I couldn't see anything and my sides ached. I tried to breathe but it resulted in such pain that I stopped.

I sat up slowly, my head spinning as I did so. I opened my eyes but closed them again quickly. The room I was in was very familiar. But it was too bright. "Breathe again, child. The pain will lesson."

It was the voice of Brasidus. I did as I was told and breathed in and out slowly until the pain dulled.

I was told to stand up. But I thought that it was an impossible feet. I tried anyway, and I noticed that since I had cleared my head of most of the breathing pain (only a soft ache was left in my ribs) that I could stand without loosing my balance.

I heard someone tell me that I was doing well. I turned away from the light; it simply was hurt my eyes to much. "You'll get used to that light. And you'll soon get used to all other kinds of light, artificial and real." I looked ahead of me and I now saw Brasidus. "Honestly, I didn't expect you to stand so quickly. I thought you would stumble as many of us do."

"What have I become?" I asked, knowing that I was no longer human.

"You, my child, are a vampire." He waved his hand slightly.

"A…vampire… but…how can that be possible?"

He chuckled slightly. "Yes of course, you would be one that would not believe. But you'll see soon enough. But, before I give you any more information about us, you need to feed."

"Feed…? On what…?" I was hoping that it would not be what I was thinking.

He turned around and picked something up off the floor. He held it before me… it was a young girl. She couldn't possibly have been any older than 13 years old. "I won't…" But as I looked at her I could smell her blood, and I wanted it. I needed it.

"Do I need to instruct you?"

"I watched you do it…"

I took her in my arms. She was still awake; the smell of fear that radiated off her was intoxicating. "Don't be afraid my love." I cooed in her ear. "You'll be free soon." I sank my fangs into her soft neck slowly , and drew the blood even more slowly. Letting the heart pump the blood into my mouth. I could hear and feel her heart beat along with the rhythm of my own. What a sweet sound! I took notice of the beats coming fewer and more time in between. I let her go right before she died.

I licked my lips slowly and looked up at Brasidus. He was smiling brightly. "How do you feel?"

"I could use some more…she was so small…"

I think he realized then that any restraint and distaste that I had had as I a mortal was then gone. I felt a lust for blood, I had truly loved the taste of it, and I truly wanted more.

Later that night I fed again. And before the sun was to rise he showed me to a dark room with a single coffin in it. He told me that it was to be my room. And that I would sleep in the coffin protected by the sun's rays. "When you awake, I will tell you all that you need to know bout what you are."

And he did…the next night he sat me down in a chair in the room that I had spent a brief time staying in while I was still mortal. He told me everything that many know now. That crucifixes could not hurt us, that the sun would only aggravate our skin, that garlic would only bother our stronger senses, and that we did have to have blood to survive.

He would have told me every vampiric law as well, had I not vanished from his sight and reach. Without even meaning to I had made myself cover a vast distance very quickly. And then I found myself in Paris. Where I have lived since.

And, now that you know my past, I will tell you about the plot that is uncurling itself now. I am the strongest, not to sound like a braggart, but I will take down every blood drinker that is truly evil. Just as Calypsa said I would. But now that brings me to my dilemma. She told me to seek her out when I was ready to destroy all evil, that she was on my side. But now, I had to find her. But it was proving to be harder than I thought.

I had many gifts bestowed upon me by my maker. The one that I enjoyed the most was the power to read minds, I had the mind gift (along with many others). And I was trying to use it to find Calypsa.

Unfortunately for me, the minds that I was searching for glimpses of her didn't seem to know where she was. In fact, no one seemed to have seen her since the night I was turned. Now, I knew that this had to be a false assumption; there was no way that she had been destroyed without someone knowing about it.

I remembered that she had talked vividly of the three fates. So, perhaps she knew them well, perhaps she knew where they were? Perhaps she was with them? I didn't know where to find them! It angered me.

I stormed down a noon lit street in Paris. My search had been diverted from Calypsa to finding food. And in a great city like Paris, food was fairly easy to come across. It seemed that just about everywhere that a blood drinker could possibly think to go, there was a substantial amount of food. An that was because if ever one ran out of Paris blood, there would always be the tourist, searching around lost.

My style of feeding had changed over the years of my existence. I learned quite quickly that it was possible to feed but not take life. And that is what I often did. Using the Mind Gift to easily make my victim not even know that they had been fed on.

I was not the only vampire who did this, I am sure. Many practiced it. And those who did, would be the ones that I would spare when the time came. I could only hope that Calypsa hadn't resorted to killing like a monster.

I turned a corner, following a young male. His hair was dark brown and slightly curly, he was a lost tourist. I slowly walked up next to him. "Are you lost sir?" I asked, my Italian accent now completely lost and replaced with a French one. He nodded. "Let me help you find your way…"

I put my arm around his shoulder and cupped his head in my hand, tilting it so that I could reach the vein in his neck. I whispered the word sleep into his mind and sank in my teeth.

The feeding didn't take long; I couldn't allow it to if I wanted him to live. I dropped him and quickly took to the rooftops. It always amazed me that it didn't really take that much blood to sustain me, I wondered if it was because I had conditioned myself to it, or if it was simply because I was strong enough to go without. This would be something to ask Calypsa. If, that is, I ever managed to find her.

I suddenly caught a mental glimpse of a beautiful, fair skinned vampire. Where had it come from…and had it been Calypsa…my Calypsa? It had definitely looked like her, but for all I knew it could have been a vampire in a cleaver disguise.

At the same time as the first mental flash I received another. And this one sent me into mental convulsions. It had been Brasidus, the very being that had made me what I am. I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself. I knew that I would one day find him, and how he had stayed away for so long was a complete mystery to me. But, the thing that bothered me the most, I did not feel complete hatred towards him, as I thought I should have… I, instead, felt a compassion for him. A longing…

I shook my head at this and sent out a mental image to him. E would know where to find me if he had the courage to approach. He knew where it was that I resided. And I dearly hoped he would come and see me. But, I couldn't dwell on him, because I was almost certain that the beauty that I had seen was my beloved. And I knew that I had to find her.

I searched the mind over every being in Paris that night. And none of them knew anything of her. None of them had sent me the message. Meaning, that she was not in Paris. That she was probably far away and that someone was trying to lure me away. I didn't know whether or not to leave… but I knew that Brasidus might help me. But I also knew that I might one day soon be pitted against him.

I scanned the minds of everyone in Paris, and, it was in Brasidus's own mind that I discovered where he was. And, to my surprise, it was incredibly close to where I took up my residence. Only two houses down in fact.

I smiled as I walked up the front steps. I let my self in and navigated my way to his bedroom without any servants seeing me. He was asleep on his bed whenever I walked into the room.

"Brasidus you clever bastard!" I said loudly and rather happily, waking him.

He bore a startled expression. But it quickly changed to a happy one. "So…you found me?"

"How long did you think you could stay hidden from me? Three houses away from my own dwelling?"

"Come here…" He whispered, beckoning me closer to him, which I did gratefully. I kissed his check and sat down beside him. "You have grown in power, my child." I nodded. "And I assume that you have not yet found her, the one you seek?"

"How is it that you know of her?"

"Because I spoke with her not long after you disappeared many, many years ago. She had again spoken of the fates, and she knows when you will find her, which is why she has not come to you."

"Damn the fates to the pits of hell." I spat, finally vocalized my distaste for them aloud.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because they caused me to leave you in the first place…" I kissed him lightly. "I never would have thought of leaving, even though I didn't even truly know what I had done. But the thought would never have crossed my mind if I hadn't known that they thought I would destroy so many in my later years."

"Do you believe it now? Do you think you possess the strength?"

I shrugged, not telling him that I knew that I would fulfill the destiny, and that it was only a matter of time until I did. "I don't really think so, did you ever believe it?"

"Of course not, would I have turned someone that I knew might be my downfall?"

"You turned Calypsa, when you knew that she would never again share that mortal bond with you."

"Yes, but with her it was different. She never did tell you my reasons." He stood up and walked over to a window. "She never told you that if I had not turned her…that she would have been dead very quickly, within a few days of the time she was turned."

"She never said anything, but, I haven't seen her since that night that you turned me."

He turned and looked out the window. He didn't speak for a moment. Then he took a deep breath and continued. "She was never very healthy as a mortal, and look at her now. She is one of the strongest of our kind, and yet, she was one of the weakest of all humans. When I came to her at first, when I first made myself known to her, she was on the verge of recovery. She thought that she was finally over the sicknesses that had plagued her, her entire life. And she was alright for a while.

"I got to know her well, as she continued to regain strength daily. And I began to believe that she would be able to get better. But I was wrong.

"Just as it seemed that a love was blossoming between us, one that would have resulted in me leaving and her dieing, had I seen the signs then. But by the time I realized where things were supposed to go, that she was meant to die, I couldn't stand the thought of it.

"Just a few months later, she became sick again. And this time all were certain that it would mean her death. But I saved her from it. I could not stand to see my love die. Not then, and not now.

"But the fates did warn me. They warned me against making the child whose skin was like alabaster, a vampire. They told me directly that it was not meant to be. That she would never feel for me that she did when she was mortal.

"But, as you know. I didn't listen to them. I turned her anyway. And now things are as they said… Calypsa will not have anything to do with me. And there seems to be nothing I can do about that small fact.

"And then I found you. I watched you from afar for a long time. I watched you and imagined having you for my own. And I had to have you. So, I took you under my wing when your father passed away." He paused and glanced at me, to see if I knew the truth. To see if I had yet read in his mind that it was he who killed my father. I knew, but I did not let on. "And then, the night that you were to be turned. She interfered and filled your head with foolish thoughts that you still seem to harbor yet do not truly believe."

"Your speech was touching." I muttered with a laugh. I stood up and looked directly at him.

"Have you fed tonight?"

"Yes, and even if I hadn't, I would not invite you to join me, nor would I go with you."

"Why must you be like that?" His eyes were filled with sadness.

"Because I do not wish to see how you feed, I will come to terms with that soon enough. And I do not want you to see how I feed, because you will come to terms with that soon enough."

"Why, what could possibly be different about the way we feed?"

"Many things, my friend, many things." I stood up and walked toward the door. "This was too short of a meeting; we will have to talk again sometime."

"You're leaving?!"

"Yes, Brasidus. As you used to do with me, the sun is going to rise soon. I wish to be in my own house in my own room when it does so. I'll come back and see you again." I smiled at him, my fangs flashing brilliantly. "Oh, and Brasidus, don't even think about trying to approach my dwelling. I will give orders that you be shot on sight. Now, I bid you farewell."

I didn't leave the way he would have suspected of me. I left in the way that I had last left him. With a simple thought, I was standing beneath his window. I saw him peer through it; he looked down at me, a sad expression on his face. He knew that I had teleported simply to cause him pain.

I loved him, yes, that was certain. But I was almost as certain that he was as evil as evil can get. I thought that he almost definitely was the type of vampire that would feed form his victims until they were completely dry. But, then again, it was possible that he had mellowed with age. As so many seem to do.

On my way back to my house, this really was not far away at all. I continued to scan the minds of those around me. And of those in the far countries that I could reach.

As my frustration grew, so did the realization that my seeing of Calypsa had not been accidental. She had been shown to me on purpose. Perhaps by she herself. But, also, perhaps by someone else. Someone who almost definitely had a plan to do something to my city, or to my destiny.

When I arrived home I was in no mood to be bothered. I told my mortal servants that if anyone approached the house…kill them. No questions asked. And if shot at and hit, shoot again to be sure that death followed.

Now, normally I would not have been so quick to make such a rash decision. After all, what if Calypsa tried to come? But that didn't cross my mind. All that did was that it was imperative that I keep my house safe from Brasidus. I lay down and slept soundly. I did not wake until the next night, when someone was shaking me forcefully from me sleep.

"Wake up you dolt!"

I moaned slightly and opened my eyes. There was a beautiful black haired woman sitting on me shaking me. She was deathly pale, and in her eyes and mind I saw one thing… Vampire.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Azura. I believe you know whose fledgling I am."

"Calypsa…" I whispered it but I refused to believe it. There was not way Calypsa had a fledgling…

"Believe it you idiot!" She grabbed the color of my shirt. "Now, get up. We have to go and fetch my maker. She is in trouble."

I didn't know what to do, so I let her lead me out into the darkened street and to a boat. "I will not leave Paris."

"You must, Calypsa is in Venice, and we must go and save her!"

"It was you! You sent me the image of her, hoping I would trace it back to Venice?" I don't know why I asked, I knew it was true.

"Yes, I sent it to you while still in Venice, and I remembered that Calypsa had told me of how psychically powerful you are, so I thought you could find us without me having to come here."

"I can get us there in an instant." I took her hand in mine and sighed. "You had better hope that Brasidus doesn't lay waste to the city whilst I am gone. You will be to blame.

She nodded her head, and then we were there, standing in the middle of an empty cathedral in Venice. "Why did you choose here? Why did you not search my mind for her exact location?"

"Because I already did that, and I know that Calypsa is in no danger, that it was all a clever rouse to get me here." Her cheeks turned an even paler white than they had already been. "Oh, don't look like that, I'm not going to kill you, I'm not angry."

She nodded slightly. "I'll just take you to her then…" Her tone was full of disappointment.

She led me out into the dark street. There were people in everywhere, half of them Venetians; the other portion was tourists, out to roam the city after dark. "Are there always this many people here at night?" I asked in a hushed whisper.

She nodded. "It makes it all the easier for us to feed on them, because with more here, we can take less blood from a much bigger variety."

I smiled, so they were not going to have to be destroyed, they fed the way I did. They drank little blood, but from many different victims. "How far is the dwelling?" I asked.

"The other side of town… can you not get us there faster?" She asked innocently. "That gift of yours… it was exhilarating just to accompany you whilst you used it."

I rolled my eyes in an extremely human gesture, and again grasped her hand. It took us even less time to get to the dwelling than it had to travel to Venice. But that was to be expected, because we only traveled a few miles.

The house was itself, very drab. It was only one story, and not very big by the outer looks. "Not all of us live in mansions like you do." Azura whispered bitterly upon seeing the way I looked at the small dwelling.

"You could though. But I'm sure Calypsa says that the fates say that all who live in large houses are damned. Am I correct?" I laughed slightly, although Azura only glared. "It was a joke, little one." I patted her on the head, and she swatted at my hand.

"Don't call me that, and don't touch me."

"My, my, aren't you the feisty one?"

"Aubrey, are you antagonizing my child? I assure you, she is strong enough to hurt you if you anger her enough."

Was that acidy tone turned toward me now as it had been many, many years ago on Brasidus? "Hello Calypsa, I've been looking for you for a long time. You sure don't make it easy on people. Ad even when you give them an open invitation to seek you out." I smiled sweetly at her.

"I knew that as soon as you had the patience to look long enough to find me, that you would be ready."

"Ready for what?"

"You're destiny."

"By destiny, I assume you mean what the fates told you?" She nodded in response. "Well, suppose I have no interest in fulfilling it?"

"You will learn that it must be done. And any "love" that you feel for Brasidus cannot be allowed to keep you from your destiny."

"Who said I feel anything but hatred for him?" I demanded, angered that she had only seen me once before, yet she knew that I loved Brasidus. "And, for your information, I don't want to commit mass murder just because the fates say it is my "destiny." Vampires can be taught not to kill, they don't have to be destroyed."

"You are still so extremely naive."

She made a slight motion with her right hand, I ignored it. And by my doing so, I found myself in chains. "What the hell do you think you are doing?!" I spat angrily.

"You are staying here until you accept what it is you must do."

I struggled against the chains. "What chains do you think you possess that can hold me?!" I demanded. "Do you honestly think that I cannot get out of these?!"

"You cannot, I assure you. A hunter, who was skilled in magic, not in hunting vampires, has enchanted them." She laughed and looked to her left at a young vampire who had her head hung low. She was the hunter that Calypsa spoke of.

"And what is it that wills top me from sending messages to other vampires? To get their assistance?" I asked with a snicker.

"The same chains that bind you physical strength binds your physic abilities. You can try to send messages as much as you want, they won't reach their destinations, in fact; they won't even leave your mind."

I glanced at the ex-hunter, she looked at me with a gleam in her eyes. And then one word flashed through my mind, "free", it was sent from her to me. But, what did it mean?

Was it possible that it meant that she had disabled some of her own spell? I saw her nod slightly. So it was the truth, she had enabled me to get help. Which made me question Calypsa's intent, and her over all innocence.

I was taken to a room with no windows, no bed, no coffin, and no comforts of any kind. The cell reeked of human decay, and it made me wonder why I hadn't known when I had first seen the dwelling, for it was obvious that it went far underground. It was a coven house.

"We will bring you something to eat in a few days." Calypsa said to me sweetly before leaving.

Three days later, none of my mental cries for help were being received. Brasidus had his mind closed to everything and everyone. And it seemed that the entire vampiric world did the same.

The pain from my hunger was beginning to make me loose track of time, where I was, and what I should have been doing. But, late on the fifth night, the fledgling hunter came to me, and pressed her bleeding wrist to my mouth.

I drank from her until my thirst was clenched. And when I pulled away I saw that she was far paler than before and she was weakened. But she would be al right. She could always go out and hunt to regain her lost energy and blood.

"Thank you, I needed that…"

"I lifted the enchantment, on the chains. You can go now, you are free."

"Why would you do that? Won't Calypsa be angry with you?" And idea began to creep into my mind.

She nodded. "But, she has unjust reasons for wanting you to fulfill your destiny. She wants something that can only be hers if you help her."

"Come with me, back to Paris?" She looked frightened. I broke through the chains, and then bent the metal bars of the cell enough that I could slip through the gap. "She cannot harm you if you are with me, and you can live a better life with me. A much more grand life than the one you now live."

"Alright, I'll go." She whispered. "I've always wanted to go to Paris."

"You mean you have never been?" She nodded. "Well, come on then." I grasped her hand and we were in Paris a few seconds later. I looked up at the giant object above and around us. "This is the Eiffel Tower. It really has a lovely nighttime view."

"Where is your home?" She asked, her eyes closed, undoubtedly from the journey. "I want to see where someone as powerful as you lives."

I led her back to my home on foot. That way she could see the beautiful Paris streets, lined with people although it was extremely early in the morning.

I stopped in front of Brasidus's home. "I need to go speak to someone. It will only take a minute, but, I want you to wait inside. It is safer that way."

I walked up the stairs into his house. His mortal servants all rushed at me with warm smiles. "Master Brasidus has been waiting for you sir. He is in the library."

I did not bother to ask them how they knew that it was me who Brasidus was waiting for, I only walked slowly to the library, where he sat in a high backed chair in front of the fire.

He turned and looked at me when he heard the door open. "Aubrey, I had hoped that you would come back sooner. And I never seemed to go to your house at the right time, your servants always said that you were out."

"If you were more open minded you would have known that I could have sued your help." He looked momentarily surprised, I lifted my hand in the direction of the fledgling hunter. "I had to rely on her to help me, and I don't even know her name."

"My name is Adriana." She whispered.

"Wonderful! Now I know the name of the of my savior." I turned on Brasidus. "Why do you keep your mind so firmly locked? You would never know if I called for you, or if anyone else did for that matter."

"Because if your mind is open, hunters find you easier." Adriana muttered. "Isn't that right Brasidus?"

"I knew I recognized you, you filth!" Brasidus spat. "You are that annoying little hunter who stalked me for three months, and then when you finally did try and destroy me…you lost pathetically." He glared at her, and then he turned his glare to me. "And you, you brought a damned hunter into my home?!"

"She doesn't hunt anymore. And if I had left her there she would have been destroyed. You don't know all the facts, so do not turn your anger towards me." I said as calmly as I could. "And all blame can be on you and your closed mind. She would not have had to help me if you would have responded to my cries for help." I glanced back at Adriana. "I want you to wait outside, I need to have a private talk with Brasidus."

She left without a second word. "What is it Aubrey, that you had to send her out to say to me?"

"Brasidus, there have been so many things that I have had to do without you over these many, many years, and all when I so dearly wanted to be with you." I paused, should I continue to say these things to him? Would he understand? Would he even care? "Brasidus, I was with Calypsa. And she didn't seem to be the same person that she was the night you turned me. She is the one that bound me in enchanted chains and then locked me in a cell. And it made me think… it made me think of all the things that I wished I had told you, and to all the things that were lost to me due to my years of seclusion. But I don't want that life anymore…I love you Brasidus…I always have."

"And it took being locked away without food, that brought you to that conclusion?" He asked, his face unchanged.

"I have always known it. Being locked away only cause me to admit it."

"I want you to leave me." I gasped in shock and pain. "Don't look like that, I just want to think on what should happen next." He smiled. "And I need to go over my log, to see if I will fall into the group that must be destroyed." I looked at him, he had me confused. "Yes, I believe that you will do it. And I hope, that it has been longer since I last killed than I think."

"Call out for me when you are ready. Alright?" I asked. "I promise I will come running."

"Aubrey, I will. But, please, watch your back around that fledgling. She was a hunter once, and she was with Calypsa, so she can not be trusted. And do not bring her back here, or around me for that matter. For I will destroy her on sight." I nodded to show him that I understood, and that I would do my best to follow that advice that he so readily gave. "And I'll open my mind a little more on occasion, in case you get into trouble again."

Now, you, the reader, are probably thinking that this story is almost over. And that the story of the vampire fulfilling his destiny is almost completely told. And, I, that vampire, am here to say that it is not necessarily over yet. There may still be a few interesting points left in this chapter of my life. And I hope that you will continue on to read about the conclusion to this story. And then, possibly, you will read the next one.