I walked slowly through the house, observing the damage that had been done. The fight must have taken a good deal of energy from both of them. The library door was latched closed. I used my mind to unlock it. As soon as the door was open I felt a sharp pain in my left arm. I looked at my arm, there was a dagger protruding from it. Adriana had thrown it.

I looked into the room and saw not only Adriana, but also Calypsa. "So," Calypsa said. "You are finally awake."

"Why the hell are you in my house?" I demanded of her. "And why is it that I feel like I have been set up?"

"You are so clever," The door behind me closed with a slam as Calypsa struck it with her mind. "Now, you will fight Adriana, and you will kill her."

"I will do no such..."

"Now Adriana!" Calypsa yelled interrupting me. At Calypsa's order, Adriana now flew at me, fury and fear filled her eyes.

I pulled the dagger out of my arm and stabbed it into Adriana's stomach without so much as a second thought. I then watched as she was engulfed in flame that had came directly from my mind. In a few seconds all that was left was a pile of still-smoking ashes, which I scattered with my mind. One thing scared me though… I didn't know that I could make people combust like that. And as much as I could figure… I had done it simply by subconsciously wishing that I could burn her and get it over with.

"Would you kill us all that way?"

"I don't want to have to kill anyone else!" I yelled in frantic fury. I was terrified that I might have no choice but to turn my power on the beautiful Calypsa.

"You don't have a choice you fool."

I suddenly realized what she was doing. She was adding fuel to my fire. She was trying to make me loose control and destroy everything. "Leave her Calypsa, I have no further business with you."

"Yes you do Aubrey!" Her tone was becoming desperate. "You have to do what you are meant to!"

"If I destroy anyone, it will be you." I forced some of my power onto her, pushing her to her knees. "Do you want to die Calypsa? Is that what you came here for? To push me to the point where I could no longer stand to see you alive?" I asked, becoming frantic. "Because you have gotten me to that point. And I never thought it would happen, because you are so very beautiful. It will be a shame to have such beauty die for such a pointless reason!

"Tell me, before I kill you, did the fates warn you of this? They seem to tell you everything else. What about this though? Did they say some grand philosophical phrase depicting this very scene?"

"Beware…" She whispered slowly. "The alabaster one will be on her knees, as if kneeled before a god." Tears began to stream down her face. "The god is the one who will come to rule all vampires, and all things dark. And the alabaster statue will be blown away by his mighty wind…never again to be seen…"

"I'll be sure to inscribe that on your tombstone." She was gone in a second. To quote the fates, she was "blown away by my mighty wind."

I collapsed to the floor, breathing heavily and completely exhausted. I used every remaining ounce of my energy to call out to Brasidus. He was at my side in a matter of seconds.

"What happened in here?" He asked frantically, seeing how exhausted I was, but seeing no visible reason why.

"Calypsa and Adriana, they were working against me together." I whispered. "And it looks like I may have the ability needed for my destiny, and I am beginning to think that there is no way around what I must do. I think I may have to do it. I think I must become the mass murderer that I am supposed to become."

"Where are Calypsa and Adriana?"

"They are gone." I waved my right arm slightly. "They are being carried away by the wind as we speak now. They were burned to ash, and are now completely and totally free. Free of everything, immortality, life, love, they are dead and gone."

I think Brasidus sensed the change in me then. And if not, he certainly noticed it in the months that followed. He noticed the way I spent all of my spare time practicing burning things with my mind. And how I slowly turned it on far away blood drinkers that I knew were to be categorized ad "evil."

One night, about three years after Calypsa was destroyed. I knew that the time had come to fulfill my destiny. I went to Brasidus and kissed his cheek softly. "I am going to focus my power on every blood drinker that must die…it will take only a few seconds to do." I explained to him.

"Will I die as well?" He asked fearfully.

"I do not know." I whispered truthfully. "You know when it is going to happen, so, if you feel a burning sensation, imagine that you are sitting in ice. You have ice in your veins. If you will it hard enough, it will be so."

He nodded and grasped my hand. I closed my eyes and pictured every blood drinker on the planet (quite a lot mind you). And soon, cries of their pain reached my ears.

Very quickly their cries died out. And I was completely exhausted. But, to my great relief, Brasidus was still sitting next to me. The look on his face was of grim excitement.

"There are so little left…" He whispered, rubbing his forehead with his hand.

"I know, almost all were destroyed. But, now that I am finished with the whole destiny thing, we are free to be together for the rest of eternity."

He nodded and smiled. "Yes, now we can be together, forever."

"Brasidus, did you feel the fire?"

He nodded. "I felt it, but I did as you told me. I fought it off. Even though there were a few seconds, there toward the end, that I felt certain that I would be swallowed by your power. But I fought it off so I could stay with you. It was not because of my willing there to be ice in my veins that I live now, it is because of my love for you. The love that not even your power can dampen and make flicker, not even more a mere moment."

I hugged him tightly. Feeling the cold intimacy of it made me shiver slightly. "Just as soon as I rest we'll re-start our immortal lives together." I let go of him and stood up slowly, noticing that by exerting so much power, I had been knocked to the ground. "I'll be back as soon as I feed."

I turned into an alley outside of the house. There was a group of mortals youths, huddled in a corner smoking what smelled like marijuana. They would do nicely. I whispered sleep into each one of their mind's, and then I drank small amounts of blood from each of them.

"So Aubrey, you did it." I stood up and turned around quickly. "I am the fate of the future, My sisters and I have another job for you. Are you ready to continue on the road of your destiny?"

Well, I think that may be it for this one… and this one was only the beginning, a simple test story if you will. The next story that I am going to post has much more depth to it, has much more angst, has even some slight comedy. The characters in it are new, and perhaps there may be some of these characters shine through in them. But, do any of you think I should stretch this story out to be longer still? I definitely could if the thought crossed my mind. I'll think on it if a few people think I should. Thanks to all of you who have reviewed this story. And I hope that you review my other stories that are yet to come.