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The Other Side

Chapter 1


"Why are we here again?"

Both sat in a room with nice blue colored walls and pictures pasted all over it, some red lamps hung from the cieling.

"Because we need the money for our new flat."

In front of them, there was a bureau and a computer.

"What new flat?"

A large window helped to bring light into the room along with a warm summer breeze.

"Oh my god. . .you don't remember?" The boy with the brown almost white hair sighed in disbelieve. "I asked you yesterday if you wanted to change to a bigger flat, and you said yes."

Beside him a boy with dark purple hair shook his head. "I don't remember."

"Maybe it's because you were drunk?"

The taller boy then realized why his head had been aching so much in the morning: a hangover. His blue eyes travelled through the pictures on the wall. One caught his attention, a group of men and a woman. Behind them the name of the place where they were now sitting: 'The Other Side'.

The place was located in a nice street, were bars were common, among other things. The building consisted of two floors both, as far as the two young men had seen, had red or purple walls, which were lit by small red lamps. They hadn't been able to see the actual place in which they were going to work. That is, if they actually got the job first.

'That name is somehow fucking familiar. . .but where from? Ow my head hurts. . . '

The purple haired boy looked at the next picture, two young men kissing each other passionately, and the next one two men again, one kissing the other's cheek and the next one was very similar.

He arched his brow. "Hey, wait a minute. Is this a gay bar?"

"Yeah, you could put it that way." The other shrugged.

"Why are we trying to get a job here? I mean I know you are gay but-"

"Don't try to deny it Jiro, I know you like men."


"You told me yesterday."

"I WAS DRUNK KENJI!" Jiro barked

"Plus I've seen those magazines under your bed." Kenji said calmly as he grinned.

'M-my magazines!? You touched my sacred magazines? When we get home I'll break your cute little face into pieces!' Jiro mentally pictured the evil actions before he realized something.

Jiro narrowed his blue eyes. "Wait a minute, why did you go sneaking into my room?" he grabbed Kenji by the collar of his shirt.

"Somebody has to clean that place, you almost have a new ecosystem building up under your clothes..." Jiro didn't seem convinced as he glared back. "Oh come on, I thought it would be a cool idea to get you to know some cute guys! In the bar you'll open up! I'm sure of it."

Before the purple haired boy could argue, the door from which they had entered opened. An old woman with black hair and green eyes entered the room. "Good afternoon gentlemen, I'm sorry for keeping you waiting, I had to attend some family issues."

"Oh it's no problem ma'am." Kenji answered politely.

"My name is Takamiya Kaede, I'm the owner of this place, as I think you've already guessed, the reason of why you're here is because after reading your work application I thought both of you were good enough to work here." The woman smiled warmly at them.

'What work application, I never gave in an application!'

"So we got the job?" Kenji asked with wide eyes.


"Thank you Takamiya-san!" Kenji bowed.

Jiro sat with a confused and shocked expression. 'Wait a minute I remember the name now! This used to be a sort of cathouse but only for men and with men, and now they called it a gay bar! So are we really going to be bartenders or something else...whatever it is I'm not working here!'

"You're welcome, I guess you are Tendo Kenji, am I right?" Kenji nodded smiling. Keade turned her head to see the other boy that was silent and seemed deep in thought with a frown on his face.

"So that leaves you as Li Jiro huh?" Jiro just turned to look at her when his name was called.

"Well you'll begin today if you want at eight pm."

"Really? That would awesome!"

'W-what? Today!?' Jiro felt somehow insecure and scared, he didn't understand why couldn't they find a job somewhere else.

"The dress code is only plain black clothes. When you arrive we'll give you a white apron. It was nice meeting you." Kaede stood up and shook Kenji's hand.

"Thank you again."

Jiro turned sharply to see his best friend. 'Why is he so excited? We could get raped here!'

As Kenji walked to the door Jiro followed like a puppet too concerned with his thoughts, but then stopped and looked at the woman.

'Anyway she's still giving us the job. . .'

"Thanks." He said dryly. The woman smiled and nodded.

"Fresh meat." She whispered to herself as the door closed and laughed.


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