The Other Side

Chapter 17

"Did I tell you that you look very sexy tonight?" I glared at Takashi who had brought me a drink to go with the toast.

"Like forty times, and it's getting on my nerves…"

"Does this get on your nerves too?" He brushed his lips against mine in a teasing manner and I just grinned slightly before biting his lower lip in a rapid motion. He looked at me surprised, "Nice answer."

The whole place had been divided in some sort of cubicles with sliding doors, which changed it to a more comfortable area. There was a new wooden floor and various carpets in different places. On top of these carpets there were really low tables and many pillows of different shapes surrounding them.

"So you're supposed to sit on the floor?" I asked no one in general as I eyed the tables.

"Yup! Wouldn't it be more cosy?" Takashi slipped his arm around my waist, I wanted to push him away but his scent made me stay. "Oh, and try to moderate your drinks tonight."

I glared at him, "What are you? My mother?" he frowned and kissed me, slipping his tongue into my mouth, I have to say that is the best part hehe… "Yeah ok, you're not." We turned to see Takamiya who was poking the microphone.

She covered her mouth with a hand as she coughed, "I'm gad you are all here because today we celebrate another year of this fabulous bar that thanks to the Reiji family has been opened for more than 30 years." There were claps and I could see Kenji smiling proudly at Aoe, lucky bastard… "But as we all know there has to be always a change to make it look better. I hope you all agree that the 'White Side' has become more attractive, and if not then get the hell out of here. Thank you."

People hesitated before clapping and drinking their beverages. I stood with eyes wide open, ok…that was weird.

000000000000 (end POV) 00000000000000

Kenji drank his champagne and looked at Aoe who was extremely sexy tonight. He was dressed in black although his suit jacket was in a greyish tone. His shirt was unbuttoned looking casual.

The blonde tugged his shirt nervously, the white pants he had on made him feel like everyone was looking his way. "Are you alright kitten?" Aoe had been glancing at the small form beside him that had been blushing. He looked too cute, and those pants were driving him crazy…


"You know, I like those." Aoe placed his hand on Kenji's hip and moved closer to the boy's ear, "Now that I remember, I think you still owe me a favour…"

Kenji blushed understanding what that meant, "But Aoe there's-" he was cut in mid sentence as Aoe kissed him and sucked his bottom lip, once he let go, Kenji could feel it getting swollen.

"I've told you to be quiet." The mischievous smirk plastered on Aoe's face made Kenji grin as he followed the black haired man to the back of the bar.

"There are too many people!" Kenji pouted as group of people passed through them, Aoe grunted in response but then found the perfect spot, he pushed Kenji through a door and closed it after him. "Is this a bathroom?"

"Does it matter so much?" Aoe could see his kitten with the dim light and began to kiss him hungrily tugging the button of the white pants. Kenji reacted the same way and helped Aoe with the black trousers and boxers, grinning maniacally.

Aoe sat on the toilet seat lid and took Kenji by the hips lowering him slowly.

Kenji gasped at the exciting feeling washing through his body and lowered himself too fast he cried in pain. "Dumb kitten, I didn't prepare you before, that's why I was going slow."

Kenji sobbed softly but smiled at his love, "I-I'm fine." To show Aoe, the blonde began to push his body upwards and slam again. Aoe's breath agitated when he forgot why he had been initially worried.

Aoe began to work on Kenji's painfully hard member, helping to get the lovely moans that turned him on. They rocked together until Kenji gasped coming into Aoe's hand. Aoe slammed into the blonde a few times before coming himself. He kissed the boy and they both panted for some time.

"That was lovely, but I think some people might want to use this." Kenji groaned, "come on kitten, we'll go home after saying good bye." They both stood up and Aoe washed his hands after pulling his black pants on.


Jen sighed as he stared at Kiichi,, "I shouldn't 'ave come…" he muttered to himself.

"You look so sad!" Izumi walked towards him smiling softly.

"Look Izumi, I'm goin' home. This ain't worth it." Jen hadn't been able to answer the phone knowing that Kiichi might be calling. He felt uncomfortable.

"You can't! You have to talk to him!"

"I can't! And anyway, I'm no' the one who fuckin' left!"

"You're right, I did." Jen turned to see Kiichi standing behind him, he looked away and started to walk away but the black haired doctor grabbed his arm, "Please let me explain…"

"Ye left not even leavin' a letter behind." Jen snapped.

"I know! I-I just couldn't stand it." Kiichi's eyes were getting watery.

"It could've been easier."

"I had to. I wanted to make you proud by getting a higher degree." Jen pulled his arm away from Kiichi's grip.

"For God's sakes I'm the bar man here Kiichi, I'm the one who should be trying to make you proud," Jen sighed, " somehow."

"Please Jen I know I've cause you much pain, I'm really sorry. I was afraid because…" Kiichi looked at Jen's dark eyes, "because I had doubts, but now I know I want to go one step further." The tall man stood still, "It's not a lie."

Jen hugged Kiichi inhaling the scent of his hair again, "I missed you…"


Kai and Haku were looking at Kiichi and Jen, "Finally! Boy that took long enough…"

"Well what did you expect?" Kai slid an arm around Haku's shoulders.

"Please tell me you'd never do that to me."

"What? Hug you and kiss you?"

"Leave me." Haku turned to see the blue haired manager who smirked.

"You now you are my property."

Haku glared at him and looked away, "Bastard…" but still a small smile crept on his face.


"So I guess we're the left out's?" Izumi sat beside Kuzo.

"Can't believe he went with him!" Kuzo pointed at Takashi who was smiling at Jiro who as always was complaining about something. "What does he have that I don't?" Izumi gave him a funny look, "Ok, don't answer…"

"You can always try someone new, heard new guys are coming in."

"Hope they're cute."

"Anyway you can come and make this bachelor company at his new house."

"Hey, yeah I heard you asked for permission to get out. Shouldn't have been that hard, I mean you did make lots of money and you didn't owe any money in the end." Kuzo shrugged staring at the dancing stage where Kenji looked asleep in Aoe's arms. "Makes sense, kinda the good thing about being number one huh?"

"Who told you all this?"

"The rumour has run all the way through the street." Izumi was surprised, he knew some rumour would come up, but he never thought they would say he had 'quit', when actually he had been 'fired' in a nice way… This meant his status was higher than normal, a prostitute that had been able to get out of work so easily.

He looked around and caught Kai's eyes, who winked at him. "Thank you" he whispered.

00000000000000000000 THE END 0000000000000000000000000000

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