I could never picture a present
without your presence;
I could never picture a future
without you by my side.

Yet that's exactly how i now stand;
alone, without you.
but my heart, my being refuses
to accept this as right.

Still, the truth is not always what's right,
what should rightly be;
beauty's rarely true, and even less
is truth beautiful.

You were beautiful; your heart, your touch
all seemed so right.
But true? I suppose that's the question;
and still, I don't care.

I don't care if I had lived a lie;
I was with you.
Your beautiful lie was worth it, worth
more than life to me.

And still the fact remains, but you don't;
I am alone,
left with the remnants of a lie that
I still hold tightly.

And from now on, you only exist
in memory;
your touch in my thoughts, heart in my dreams.
Gladly, then, I'll sleep.

I'll sleepwalk through life, living in dreams,
in memories;
and for now, for ever, and always,
I will lie with you.