They always use the term
"sudden summer showers"
on the local weather forecasts.
It's always one thing to hear those three
alliterative words and
quite another to actually
experience them.

I open my window on a whim
and, suddenly,
the rain is
everywhere at once,
from nowhere..
Just like before.

I can remember it so,
so clearly now.
Scattered clouds adorned
the sky;
an unexpected warm breeze
tangled its fingers
next to yours in my hair.

And the rain.
It came with no warning save
a drop, a touch of liquid
glass on my hand,
a moment of slight surprise.
But that moment was washed
away by the torrent that
came from erstwhile clear skies,
shocking us to our feet
with shouts and laughter.
We stood,
never minding that
we were getting soaked,
and we reveled in it, this
gentle, penetrating rain
that stuck
to your hair
and your eyelashes
and my soul.

And you smiled at me
as you laughed at the rain;
I didn't look for a rainbow,
because I didn't need a promise,
not like that.
You were there,
right there with me,
and you held my hand and I
was happy..

So I pause for a moment,
my eyes on the thick
crystallic beads of rain,
my heart on the breeze
that suspends them in the air,
my mind on the something
almost there again.
I pause for a moment,
my hand on the last pile
of neatly-folded clothing ready
to be equally neatly packed