Atop The MountainPeaks (Broken Warrior)

Her dark clothes make her seem superior,

And her stern face maker her appear somewhat untouchable,


Like a Victorian building in the middle of the woods she seems out of place- yet soft,

She stands tall and beautiful mounting above the trees,

She looks free yet there is a feeling that lingers,

It lingers for help,

Help for what, I do not know,

But, suddenly her once hateful eyes now glisten with tears,

And what used to be a scornful frown now turns into a twisted child-like pout,

She walks quickly to her belongings,

There is something different with her walk; the pace,

But also the fact that somehow she is no more like a powerful building,

Instead she is like an empty vase on the verge of falling,

She clutches her things tight- as if they are all she has left,

It's not her last day on earth, but it's the last day she will ever be whole again,

Now a girl with a broken spirit,

I welcome her to my level of defeat.