First Boyfriend-First Lost Love

I remember the first day I met him;

When my six-year-old eyes

Fell upon his face.

He was every girl's dream:

Spiky, black hair,

Stormy gray eyes,

Gorgeous smile.

I always asked him

To sit with me at "circle time".

He always did.

There was never a time

When we didn't

Sit next to each other on the bus.

He was the first boy

To kiss me-

But it was only on the cheek.

One day we were on the bus

And it was his stop.

His dad was there to

Pick him up.

I heard him talking to the driver.

Tony-that was his name-

Was moving to Germany.

They may as well have

Ripped my heart out

And thrown it down to the floor.

I didn't know how to react:

I felt like crying,

And I think I did.

I did meet him again,

Three years later.

But the attraction just…

Wasn't there anymore.

He had moved on

And so had I.

But no matter what,

I will always remember

My first love.

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