Forgive and Forget

Chapter 1


by: InsanoFreakChild

The darkness surrounded the young girl of eleven as she walked down a city street, following to older teens to their apartment. She shivered slightly from the chill of the night, for she was only wearing leather short shorts and tight fitting black midriff shirt. She was acutely aware of everything around her, yet distant as well. Her mind was spinning, her heart thumped against her ribcage, and her throat was tight. She could barely comprehend what was about to happen. Her long black hair flowing behind her as she walked unsurely, trying to keep up with the other two. The blond, Zafel, looked back at her.

"Kaitora, you okay?" She merely nodded and quickened her pace. She was hating her step-father more than anything right now.

"Kaitora, don't talk back to me!" he had yelled months ago.

"You're not my father, I don't care what you say!" she had stepped back like many other times.

"I feed you, shelter you, take care of you, you ungrateful, selfish bitch!"

She snarled at him, "Let me leave then!"

"What's the benefit in that?! You're worthless here, but I know a place you can make up for worthlessness." he sneered and grabbed her, bringing her to a place of the damned.

She had been sold to a prostitute slavery institute. The owner took pity on her and let her take small jobs, hooking men and other innate jobs. He tried to spare her innocence, but in a place like that, losing it was the inevitable.

And here she was, with these two men. Which one wanted her services she couldn't tell, it could be both. Zafel had said they'd pay any price... How she wished she hadn't taken the job for that particular bar. Other men would be glad to take an older member. But these two seemed intent to have her.

She had been mingling in the bar, trying to advertise the institute. Zafel, of 15 years, with blond, very spiky hair, had motioned to her. She remembered having composing herself and walking over to do her job. Only with experience made it any easier to flaunt herself about for men. She hated putting herself out there, but then, she thought she didn't have to go all the way, like the rest in her profession, who would have to follow their customers straight to bed.

It seemed like it happened so fast, each motion, each action and word spoken blurred into each other. She had sat on Zafel's lap, wrapping her arms around him, and leaned in, letting her warm lips touch his soft, pale skin. She ravished his neck passionately, kissing, licking, sucking, and nibbling the area and down along his collarbone. Her mind had been clear though, and she realized herself hearing him inhaling sharply and was acutely aware of his arms around her, gripping her slightly. She had smirked at his reaction and recalled her first relevant thought in a while being, 'This guy is hooked...' She had nibbled along his ear, and whispered breathlessly, "There's someone else that can give you so much more, and I can get her for you..." He had nervously glanced at his Asian friend with black, spiked at the front hair, who nodded, and he had looked back at Kaitora with a deep sorrow in his eyes.

Softly, he had spoken, "I want you."

Kaitora shuddered, and watched her feet as she walked. To the stars she asked silently, 'Why?' The coldness nipped at her skin, reviving her from her reverie. 'Haven't I had enough?' For her life already held so much pain, and it often pulled her down.

She had been so shocked, so baffled, and afraid that she could barely speak. She would have liked to burst into tears right then. 'Eleven. Eleven is no age for this...' She had thought in pain. She had hoped that she would get out of this someday, and end up not so bad off. But she had begun to see that she would lead one screwed up life. Zafel had broken her from her trance, tracing circles on her back, trying to soothe her. It had only succeeded in freaking her out more. "I'm willing to meet any price you want." he said as though he could just pay her off for her innocence. She wanted to kick and scream at the top of her lungs, but this was her job.

'Well, damn this job...' Kaitora thought, kicking a stone as she walked in silence. 'Slavery is supposed to be illegal...'

She had gone back to the overseer of the group she was with currently to try to get out of her situation somehow, but the deal was too good, and he too cold. She had to do as told. She was crumbling, losing all of her strength of mentality. Her childhood was ending before her eyes.

When she had gone back to Zafel, she had whispered fearfully, "I'm ready..." Those two words broke her, making her crumble away, and she couldn't stop it. She was at the top of a steep hill, and she was about to slip and begin a swift fall, and how far down it was to the bottom, she couldn't see.

Zafel had introduced themselves and nuzzled her neck gently, saying, "Let's go."

She looked up, realizing they had reached their destination. It was a shabby apartment complex, but not too bad for a pair of teens. She gulped and followed them up into their upstairs apartment. Once inside, Aaren went into a side room, while Zafel held Kaitora gently. She wondered why Aaren was so silent despite herself. Maybe he was ashamed of what Zafel was about to do... She shivered from bringing to mind what she was here for.

"Look, I' m sorry, but, what Aaren wants, Aaren gets. He's underaged by a several years, so, if you want your money, you better not say anything about it." he spoke and kissed her neck gently. "Remind him to be gentle. I don' t want you hurt." Kaitora nodded grimly. 'So it's Aaren that...' she headed to the side room, fearful and unsure. What she went through next was anything but gentle.

The next morning, there were many excuses. I was too drunk, ...too horny..., I don't really have any experience... Aaren kept blathering shamefully, but it didn' t make any difference. Her virginity had been brutally stripped away; her innocence was gone, forever and completely. All she could feel was pain. Pain that was pure; lasting. Over the next few days she would try to tuck her emotions away little by little until it was all seemingly gone. She was forced to forgive and forget, which was in truth only putting the pain aside for another day. Zafel had been so upset with what had happened that he bought her her freedom. She had the opportunity to stay in her stay in her hometown, but she went with her innocence-takers, for she had nowhere else to go, no one else to care for or to be cared by.


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