Ballad of a broken Man

Never felt this way

Eyes see red

Why, What have I done

Crazy thoughts fill my head

I love you, more than you know

You use me, never really caring

I want to hate you more than I know

All I can do is stand aside, staring

Will you just leave!

Never going to change with you near

When you are gone, I can heal

Pour my heart out, but the words, you don't hear

Roses bleed a crimson blood

My heart does the same

My soul bleeds, life force fades away

Who is really to blame

Standing alone, it is just meant to be

Darkness encircles my life, I am lost

Get away from me! I do not need you

We were friends, but at what cost

Memories of you, dissolve, wasted

You mean so much to me, leave, It's for the best

Go, be in peace, have a happy life

One day you might see, but I could care less