What do you think?

Do people ever stop and try to find out why certain people act the way that they do?

Do we ever try to find the reason why he or she is crying?

Do we ever stop and ask, "How are you doing?"

Or what have you done today?

Maybe if we just sit with someone new at lunch,

Go ahead just pick a day,

Pick some lonely person who sits by themselves everyday!

You know who they are,

You see them everyday.

You might even talk to your friends about them.

" Poor kid, always alone! I never see 'em with anyone else!

Does that sound like something you've said before?

Maybe, then I only have one question for ya!

Why don't you do something about it?

Sit with them, talk to them, be their friend or at least a friendly face towards them!

You'll never know how much you helped them until...

You try!

So go on sit by them and talk!

It'll be fun!

I was kinda wounderin about a friend of mine and I sat down to talk to them. I said we needed to talk in a really serious way. As we sat down she started to cry, I wasn't sure on what was going on so I asked. She told me that ever since the middle school she didn't have many friend and now that she was in high school and I had talked to her that frist day she has more friends now then she ever had! So I did something so great for her that she will never forget me and that makes me happy! So go ahead sit by someone new talk to someone new! And make their day cause you never know if they really nee it unti you do it! Then the felling afterwards is great!