Hanging beside me
In the air
That face I see-
So weak
So pale
So sad

If I should paint a picture
Of the tunes in those eyes
It would be old furniture
And dark skies

If I should play a melody
About the tunes in that skin
The speed would be slowly
And whispering

So close to me
So near
Those eyes I see-
So deep
So dark
Like tarns

The paleness 'round those cheeks
The smile of emptiness
Those two tarns that leaks
Of sorrow, I guess

There is a rainbow
There is hope
But in that face
That pale face.

If I should write a story
Of the lines in that face
It would be full of worry
With an unsolved case

Not far away
Hanging in the air
A picture of a flower
A painting of a sea
A wish full of power
I turn around to see

Just beside me
Somewhere near
So pale
So cold
So lonely

Searching inside
I come to realize
I come to see
The face in the mirror
Was me