You seduced me.

I know you loved me

I know you wanted me

I know my body wanted it

You touched me

I couldn't love you

I couldn't tell you

I knew you longed for me


You kissed me

I hated loving it

I hated not loving you

I knew I'd give in if you played me

You loved me

Your every move

So delicious

I longed


I gave into your sweet words

My bitter lies were heard

And you believed every single one

When I'd got you all alone…


You held me

You kissed me






Wanting me

Needing me

Loving me

Not knowing me

Not needing to know me

It's all an act…


Seduce me,

I have no love,

But still,

It's just an act


I knew you wanted it

I knew you'd do anything

To be able to

Seduce me…


Is it wrong of me?

To be tempted?

To want you?

When you do love me..


Is it wrong of me?

To use you

To love your body

To hate you?


Hate is passionate

Hate is strong

Hate is spiritual



Hate is disliking

Hate is wanting



Being seduced…


I hate you

You love me

You touch me

I love it


You make me hate you

Make me hate me

Make me hate…

Make me love my hate

Make me need to hate…

Make me

Seduce me