Your favorite word
It has
Two meanings
Talking; a compromise

And your meaning

Why bother talking
When I know
How it'll turn out

My blood, boiling
My eyes, deep, black
with a flicker of fire
My tongue, sharpened,
Slick, and deadly

Yet you
Have the power still
You can control
When I go out
Who I have over
But still
It doesn't change
How I can get
Under your skin
Making little cuts
and deeper
As I get closer
To your black silk heart
Deadly, and angry
Yet weak

I pretended
Like the e-mails you read
Were only me venting
Not truths
Yet in reality
of it
Is that they weren't truths
My hate for you
Goes so much deeper
Is so much more volatile
And venomous

So you can keep the power
For as long as you want
But know this
The second
That I can move out
I'm gone
You won't have a chance
To try to make amends

You'll have one less daughter