One year...
It's hard to believe
How incredible
One year can be

You're the reason
My eyes sparkle
On rainy nights

you're the reason
My heart is full of passion
Instead of only hate

You're the reason
I smile each day
Even if tears were once falling

You're the one
Who can kiss the tears away
And put a smile on my face the same day

You're the one
Who will answer my silent plea
When I'm begging for someone to save me

You're the one
Who can light up my face
By just the sound of your voice

You're the one
Who can brighten the darkest of days
With just a smile

In one year
You've turned my upside down world
Right side up

In one year
I learned how to let someone
Into the darkest corners of my heart

And in one year
You already had
The key to my heart
And the walls that Guarded it