Picture of a young girl
Among the tools

Her hair
blazing red
As the fiery sun

Her eyes
Deep black oceans
With only a hint
Of blue in them

She grows up
And sees the picture again
The tint of blue
Was fear
of everything
She heard at home
the constant yelling
And fighting

A tear comes
To the older girl now
And she quickly wipes it away
How much she's changed physically
as she has

Her eyes
A much paler blue
Too shallow
For anyone to see anything in
Unless they knew her

Her hair
Still a vibrant, fiery red
But showing more strength
Than it did when she was younger

Her smile
More forced
I take the small
Wallet sized picture in my hand
And wipe away the next few tears
That come into my eyes

I quickly walk away
from the tool box
Where so many memories are kept
In that one
Little picture