This is School
Everybody thinks school is heaven,
Yeah right, get in there and tell me that,
Parents always start stuff like, "When I was a kid..."
Its like, "Stop there because its not." but you dont,
You know? When you walk the hallways,
Students stop and stare at you,
Maybe your a new kid or your just an outsider,
You got all eyes on your back,
When you go to lunch or classes,
At lunch, you sit by yourself,
You dont need their fake friendship or trust,
You need somebody just like yourself,
If you mess up at something, they laugh,
What do you do then? All you can do is nothing,
You go home, Mom says, "How was school?"
You just ignore her and go to your room,
Its just like that the rest of the year,
But, hey, what can you do? This is school