The blood and gore
As his skin tore
Only broke her heart
Because one felt she did start
She didn't mean
To stream
His tears
That brought back all his fears
He cried
As he tried
To fight
That black light
He kept hidden tight
Afraid that it just might
Take over his life
And cause him more strife
She tried to help
She could do nothing but yelp
At the fact
Of his act
He slit his arm
He felt it a charm
After what that crazy man did
As he remembers from when he was a kid
That man touched him
For a trim
Of a dream
Which made that boy scream
The boy cuts his wrist
And balls his hand into a fist
To make the blood stream
Which made her scream
At the sight
That wasn't so bright
He wrote in a letter
To try and make it a little better
"I'm sorry mom
I would have liked to go to my High School Prom
But I couldn't take the pain anymore
It kept pulling and tore
He traumatized me
And it kept me from becoming what I was to be
I'll miss you
And I love you too"
Jay L. Karpus
As he took his last breath
He said to the man
By: Adam Gilbreath